The Blizzard

Still thinking about fathers this week…and for my walk down memory lane today, I have been remembering my own dad! So many memories – of easy, carefree days…of special life events….of perfect vacations….of great advice….the model of a true gentleman and such strong character! Not doubt, my sweetest memory is the evening I spent with my dad in the hospital’s hospice wing. Dad’s cancer was hurting and he slept alot from the medicine but when he was awake, Dad was very alert and we had much time to talk – and to just be together. I wanted so much to know for sure that Dad was confident about eternity. Although he was a “good” man – a very good man – I had never really heard his testimony. I had asked him about it and he said he knew he was going to Heaven but I wanted to hear his testimony…….and God gave me that privilege that night in the hospital. Such a clear, Bible testimony of putting his faith in Christ and accepting Him as his savior. I KNOW my dad is in Heaven…no doubt lovin’ on my boy!!…and I know I will see them both again!!

One favorite memory that came to mind this week was a really “old” one…back from my pre-school years! (Honestly, this is probably as far back as my memory goes – I really don’t remember much of anything before this one!) We moved from Norfolk to Fairfax the winter before I turned four. We were staying in a small motel (The White House kidding) not far from my dad’s new office while waiting for our moving truck to arrive. There was snow in the forecast….a first for me!! I remember – vividly – waking up to not just snow but a blizzard!! Two feet of snow (this detail I did look up on the internet…how cool that you can do that!)!!

The city was completely shut down….except for one small diner across from the “White House”. I remember Dad carrying me on his shoulders (Mom was carrying my little brother) and forging a path across the deserted highway to that diner so we could have breakfast. I wish I could remember more details…like what we had for breakfast or even what we did later that day?!?….but I totally remember the sense of adventure – and nothing to fear or fret about – as I rode up on my Dad’s shoulders!! My dad – my hero!!

12 thoughts on “The Blizzard

  1. What a wonderful man your daddy must have been! What a blessed assurance that we will see our saved loved ones when we get to Heaven!

    Sweet memories of that snow day! Love you much, my friend!

  2. Jennifer-
    I loved reading about your dad. It is special to hear about "hero" dads. His salvation testimony to you in the Hospital must have been such a wonderful moment for both of you. My dad is unsaved, and it saddens me, but I will continue to pray for him. Thank you for sharing this today… it gave me a reminder before Father's Day to pray for my dad's salvation.
    Your snow story was a very vivid picture to read about…what a great memory!

  3. Jennifer, You were blessed to have a good daddy. I am happy that you have good memories of him.

    How nice to feel safe and cared for. I never had any of that because my dad left when I was really little,…but that's ok, because I have always felt my Heavenly Father's love and care.

    Now my wonderful husband gives me those feelings of safety and security,…and he has for 33 years. God has blessed me.

    We lost John's dad three years ago and weren't sure of his salvation. I am so glad that your dad shared that with you before he passed on to his heavenly home. Blessed Assurance!

    The blizzard memory is sweet. I could picture it all as you described it.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. That's a sweet memory – you up on daddy's shoulders. Daddy's do provide a safe place don't they? My kids feel so safe with their daddy. I always felt safe with mine, except for on the canoe – ha! Another story for another day. hee hee

    Thanks for sharing your Wednesday's Walk post.

  5. Father's Day can be bittersweet when our earthly fathers are no longer with us; but what precious memories! So glad that you had that time with him!

    It doesn't take much snow AT ALL to shut everything down here in VA!! Cute memory!

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