Another recipe for a great day….
Take six friends who share a love for the Savior, as well as good dining and hunting for a bargain
Add in one positively adorable baby – just for sweetness
Stir in a lot of laughs, good food and, even some coupons
Top it all off with a beautiful, sunny summer day
And you have a really good time had by all!!

Yesterday, my girlfriends and I spent several hours at the Yankee Candle Flagship store – thousands of square feet of treasure to be found as well as, I have no idea how many, candles….definitely a nasal sensory overload (I mean delight!) We also spent a few hours in downtown historic Williamsburg – a lot of browsing and even a few treats. In the Wythe Candy Store, we discovered just about anything dipped and coated in chocolate….including chocolate covered twinkies!?!? Is that even legal??

Speaking of legal….when one girlfriend (who graciously offered to do all the driving) comes to a fork in the road and takes the road to the right (granted it looks like a right turn but is really a road with its own stoplight straight ahead) and stops at said redlight – and then drives right on!…..that can’t be legal??? But it sure was funny?!?!

We really did have a great time yesterday. We had lunch at Chownings Tavern and, then, dinner at Pierce’s BBQ – does it get any better? And not a thunderstorm all day…finally. I’m so glad we do these every month!!

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  1. Jennifer ~
    Sounds like you had an absolutely delightful day! Isn't it so fun to join with friends and just be together and enjoying each others company? We ladies are like that, aren't we? Wish I could have joined you!

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