Little Lights

A few of my favorite things…part one:)

I absolutely love night lights – and I have several throughout the house. Every evening just after dusk, Hubbie and I (ok..mostly Hubbie) go around the house, shut the blinds and turn on the nightlights. Nothing says “home” much more to me than the calm of those small glows around the house.

Like most folks, we spend most of our time in just a few rooms of the house (and yes the kitchen is one of them!) but I do not like for the rest of the house to be dark. The nightlights put off just enough light to make the house cozy. Not to mention, the lights themselves are just too cute!

I picked up these cutie on the clearance shelf at Cracker Barrel. I think of two things when I notice this light. One – it was the first thing I bought for our new home. In fact, I bought it when we were still in the rental waiting to move in – and it sat in a box for weeks (hard for me because I am always eager to display my new purchases!) – and I was excited to find “just the right place” for it when we moved in. And, two – I remember the gentleman at Cracker Barrel who helped me with my purchase. An older gentleman…so gregarious and friendly. We talked for a good twenty minutes as he rambled about his grandchildren and how much he loved his job (love it!). He went to great lengths to pack the light just perfectly so it wouldn’t get broken in the move and was just so enjoyable.
That’s what I call – letting your light so shine…..(yes, pun intended)!!

4 thoughts on “Little Lights

  1. I don't have night lights around the house, but after reading your post, I think I would like that "warm glow" around our home too! 🙂 Keep your light shining too! 🙂

  2. Oh I know just what you mean…I have several really different neat little lamps too. But I don't light them every night. That's a good idea. LOVE yours. Have a wondeful day. HUGS, Debbie

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