Choosing to Live Loved

I’m not feeling the love!

For some reason, I like that phrase.  I may (or may not) tend to overuse it and I usually say it with just the right hint of sarcasm.  Its playful and it makes me smile.  My family – particularly my kids – know I want to feel the love..especially when it comes to prompt replies to my texts and calls.  Prompt, as in right now.  Immediately:)  The longer I wait to hear back from them…the less love I feel!

Feeling the love means I feel not only noticed and acknowledged but also that I feel appreciated, valued and validated.  Having our texts answered is a silly illustration but the truth is we all want to “feel the love.”  To be loved and to know it.  We can spend a lot of emotion, mental energy and effort towards being loved.  When our expectations aren’t met, we feel less than loved – often quicker than we want to acknowledge.  But the real truth is I am completely loved – beyond measure – by my heavenly father.  He is love.  His love took Him to Calvary in my place and every day He showers me with unconditional love.

I am trying to choose daily to live loved.  Not seeking affirmation or reminders from friends, family or even social media (oh my).  But letting Christ’s love not only fill me but also fulfill me.  I’ll admit, this is a challenge for me but it is just one more choice I am making this year.

I began this year with my 2018 word – choose – and have been trying to choose wisely this year.  I highlighted a few of those choices here on my blog:  choosing to build my house and choosing to be content.  Some others I have been working on more privately: choosing to trust, to come boldly, to walk by faith and not by sight and, also, choosing to step out of my comfort zone.

This is my last post on this year’s word.  I honestly had no idea what impact the simple exercise of choosing a word for the year would have.  But, it has.  It has been convicting and instructive.  As another month comes to a close and this year’s end close to follow….I suppose it is time to prayerfully consider a word for 2019.

One thought on “Choosing to Live Loved

  1. We are naturally needful human beings. We need to feel the love and most often seek it from the people and things that can only temporarily give it. It’s hard though, isn’t it? To choose to feel the love of Christ. Such a simple act requires so much submission. Great post! Can’t waut to hear what 2019’s word will be!

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