Christmas Prep and Busyness

I came across a fun link-up the other day.  I’m a bit late to join – but still sharing my thoughts.  Just for the fun:)  Around here, I am:

GIFTING – I have finished my shopping.  (well, 99 percent and that is okay for me!)  Now, it is all about the wrapping, although I must admit my husband does the wrapping around here.  He actually enjoys it.  Is that possible?  I do the ribbons and bows but, for him, it is all about strategically getting the maximum number of presents from one roll of paper!  Love him!

I do want to make a few homemade gifts (think granola and/or chocolate bark) for my neighbors and my sweet senior friends at Tribute.  Hopefully, that will happen next week.

BAKING – I will be baking tomorrow for a cookie exchange with the Bible study group.  I have not been to an exchange in years and think this will be fun.  Whatever I bring home will probably be our cookie stash for the season.  No one here really wants the sugar.  Sigh.

SINGING – along with the radio.  Way too loud, but that’s okay.  My favorite Christmas song is “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.  Not the most spiritual song – or even about the season – but she and I do a great duet.  In my car.  With the windows up:)

MAILING – I only have one gift that has to be mailed.  It was supposed to arrive in Florida on Saturday.  We are still waiting.  PLEASE, dear package full of Christmas joy, do not get lost!!

DECORATING – The tinsel is hung and the twinkle lights seem to be in every room.  I just love twinkle lights!  We also put Christmas balls on the tree at the cemetery.  But the front porch could use a little more something!!  Just a note to self.

Is your gifting, baking, mailing and decorating done?  I am trying to allow plenty of extra time to simply savor the holiday – this whole season and the one that we celebrate – Jesus.  If the porch gets redone, or improved, okay.  If not, I am loving the Christmas memories already made this month (jingled at our annual family Christmas concert outing and enjoyed a great trip out of town last weekend to visit family I have not seen in years!)…and more to come (sweet out of town visitor and fun this coming weekend as well as The Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theater downtown!)  Christmas blessings!!

Update:  the package arrived in Florida!:)

2 thoughts on “Christmas Prep and Busyness

  1. Good morning, Jennifer! Yes, the shopping is 99% done. I'm looking for a quiet day when I don't have to leave the house to crank up the Christmas music and have a wrapping marathon!

  2. Jennifer, I had to grin at what you shared about your husband loving to wrap and embracing the challenge of seeing how many gifts he can wrap with one roll of paper. It sounds like our husbands are cut from the same roll of . . . cloth. 😉

    We have a few gifts that need to be mailed. Because of what's going on wtih my mom I haven't gotten them out yet. Hopefully, I'll get them done this weekend. 🙂 I hope you have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas, my friend!

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