Be Still My Heart

I shared this photo earlier this week on my Instagram.  It was given to me last weekend while I was visiting my 90-year old aunt.  We were looking through a stack of photos she had stuffed into an old album.  There were several of my parents, my grandparents and many of older relatives I barely remember.  I was, of course, interested and enjoying each one.  However, when I picked up this one and it was my baby, my breath caught.  My buddy.  His matching outfit with the saddle oxford shoes.  The look on his face that immediately transported me back 25 years.  Be still my heart.

That is all I could think….be still my heart.  How often my heart is overwhelmed.  Usually connected with passion or excitement but, most often, simply overcome with raw emotion.  And that tends to happen – more than usual – during the holidays.  These are my simple, five-minute thoughts on today’s prompt: still.

No matter how I plan, determine and strategize “to do things differently” each holiday, there always seem to be those moments – even days – that blindside me with emotion.  Most often it is grief-related but, sometimes, I am simply stressed, overcommitted or a victim of poor planning.  And my heart becomes engulfed.  I begin to drown in my emotions.  Gratefully, I have learned to recognize these times before they become disastrous and I know I need to still my heart.  I have to come away and get alone with Christ.  To be honest, often I just want to retreat to my bed; however, I come to my office and open my Bible.

It happened just this week.  The overwhelm.  The wanting to retreat and the armor of apathy that is used for defense.  But, instead, there was a “retreat” to Christ and, then, the calming of my soul. His words speak truth, encouragement and refreshment to my heart.   Isaiah 41:10 “…..I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God…..I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee…..”

Yes, I can be dismayed.  Oh my, grief can be so looming during the holidays. But when my own emotions threaten to engulf me, be still my heart.


8 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart

  1. What a beautiful reminder to return to the arms of the the One who loves us most and best in this season that is not always an easy one to weather. I can’t imagine your grief, but I thankful for the One who does, and who fills you—and all of us who struggle a bit at this time of year—with abiding joy.

  2. It is important to know we can go to God in those moments when we feel overwhelmed and that he cares for us and how we are feeling. Praying that you know comfort and peace in him this Christmas.

    1. Andrew – thank you so much for stopping by. Sorry for the slow responding. Praying that even this week you are feeling less pain, and more peace, than last week and that Christ will continue to meet your specific needs. Merry Christmas.

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