Counting My Blessings: Even in the Hard

Welcome to Thursday and the continuation of counting my blessings….trying to use some prompts and purposefully considering some of my blessings this month.  Blessings that I might otherwise overlook or, perhaps, not even see as blessings.  Honestly, my goal is to have a bit of a remembrance for myself.  I am not a journal girl.  I have never kept a dairy or a journal.  But I also tend to forget things.  Too many things.  Maybe, just maybe, writing some of blessings down in a post will be a way for me to look back, reflect and (a year from now even) help me remember just how sweet my blessings truly are.  That remains to be seen:)

Something beautiful I saw this week – fall color.  I would venture to guess, the last of the fall color.  This has not been the best year for fall foliage.  It has been incredibly dry (the 10th driest October on record for our area!) but it has also been incredibly mild and oh so lovely, so I am not complaining about less than brilliant leaf color.  Of course, there were always gorgeous trees here and there, but they are all pretty much brown now and the leaves are carpeting every inch of lawn and other green spaces as fast as they can.  But, look at these trees on Saturday.  Hanging in there and being their showy selves as long as possible:)  Just when everything is looking brown (and even dead), there is beauty to be found.  Beauty on display.  Yes, that is a direct inuendo to many life lessons…..please make all the appropriate application that you need!

A Challenge For Which I am Grateful – dare I say, my health challenges this year.  When faced with a devastating diagnosis (and all the challenges that come with it), I have often heard people say something similar to, “Although I would not wish this on anyone, I can honestly look back and thank God for it.”  Then they begin to list all that God has shown them or taught them through their difficult medical journey.  I am not bitter, or angry or even depressed about the last ten months; however, I do not think I am quite at the place where I would say I am thankful for all I have been thorough – physically and medically speaking.  No doubt, God has been teaching me much.  Yes, He has done some “pruning” but, more than anything, He has reminded me, again and again, of His faithfulness.  Of His love and personal care for me.  Specifically, His promises have proven true repeatedly and for that I am beyond thankful.  No, I would not say I am grateful for surgery, chemo, hair loss or continued treatments.  I am thankful, though, for the love of family and friends, for compassionate health care providers, for seeing God’s hand even in the smallest of details, and, as well, to be able to look back and see all I have been able to do. Which leads me to….

A Life Lesson I have Learned – I am stronger than I give myself credit for and I can do hard things.  I know, these sentiments are so easily and often tossed around that they can become platitudes.  Trite and even cliche.  But they seem true and very real to me.  Hand in hand with that lesson is this one: I will not say (out loud or otherwise) “I would never.”  That is a setup for disaster:)  These last few months, I have done (as in, accomplished and/or endured) more than I ever imagined.  I am stronger than I thought.  As well, I have done (as in, agreed to and surrendered to) so many things that I said I would never do.  It’s just the facts.  I could say more (much more) but it is probably best if I simply leave it at that.

If you are still reading, I appreciate your sticking with me.  This post got a bit heavier than I intended.  It has been a heavy year, I suppose.  But I did say I wanted to remember exactly where God has led and where He has brought me.  For Monday, let’s try something a bit lighter and/or a bit more fun.  The prompts will be:  something that made me laugh recently and my guilty pleasure.  I hope you will come back and perhaps share yours as well.  Thanks again for reading.  Here’s to a great weekend ahead!!

13 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings: Even in the Hard

  1. Jennifer, thank you for sharing these blessings that you have been the receipent of…especially the ones that have come through the hard places. I was especially touched by the fact that you mentioned the love of family and friends, compassionate care of health care workers and especially seeing God’s hands in even the smallest of details. So many hurting people go through hard places and never recognize any of those precious gifts. So thankful to know that you are a Believer because He makes all the difference in how we perceive situations that He has allowed.

    1. Dianna – thank you for your sweet encouragement! Thanks for taking the time to comment….have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  2. Oh Jennifer, yes. There’s something about not only putting pen to paper but actually hitting the publish button on it. I absolutely hear what you’re saying. This choice is yet another reason why I love the blogging life so much. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us have experienced and embraced.

  3. What a wonderful post Jennifer. You are proof that even in the darkest of moments there are two sides to be seen – you can dwell on the negatives or gain strength from the positives. You definitely have drawn strength. You have been on a very difficult journey and I am so thankful on your behalf that you have been supported in so many ways. This will be a good post to look back on in time to come!

  4. Enjoyed reading this post, Jennifer! That you have so much to be thankful for and have seen God´s tender mercies in the midst of a hard season are very encouraging. You also write so well- reading your thoughtful, well written posts are two things that I am thankful for!

  5. Jennifer, this brought tears to my eyes. People with cancer are so very strong. Cancer is horrible. My brother has lived with cancer for 10 years now and I call him superman. You are strong and though it’s not the way you would have chosen to discover your strength, you did. This will probably be your strength marker for all the other hard things you might have to walk through.

    As with most things the Lord allows us to go through (or carries us through), you will one day look back and see his hand in many aspects of this very hard journey. That doesn’t help you now, though, does it?

    I pray that you are free from ever having to deal with cancer again and I pray that you will find a new joy beyond this past year.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I appreciate your encouragement – as well as those prayers! Here’s to remaining cancer-free!!

  6. OH yes I too have learned to never say never… I think each time I do it’s just setting myself up for failure because inevitably I do end up doing that “never.”

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