(Four-footed) Blessings That Make Me Smile

Good Monday morning!  I’m off early this morning…to a birthday breakfast.  We are helping our friend celebrate 92 years! That’s pretty exciting, in my opinion.  There is another breakfast (not for a birthday) later in the week, a Pie Palooza luncheon tomorrow after Bible study, and my monthly breakfast with my bestie on Saturday!!  So, the calendar this week seems to be filled with plenty of good eating.  Here’s to getting in those 10,000 steps every day.  I’m going to need them.

I wanted to thank everyone who left kind and encouraging comments on Thursday’s post.  The friendships I have made here through my blog continue to be such a blessing and highlight of my week.  I so enjoy the comments from those who visit the blog, but I most enjoy visiting and reading your blogs.  There is so much wisdom, beauty, warmth, and inspiration in your blogs, and I am completely sincere when I say that the blogs I visit each week really are a blessing.  Blessings that make me smile.  Blogging is being added to my running list of blessings for this Thanksgiving:)

Specifically this week, I was going to mention something (a blessing or anything honestly) that made me laugh recently.  I have a confession.  I do not laugh that often.  I am going to blame it on the truth that I don’t have much of a sense of humor.  There are a few people (the girlfriend I meet every month for breakfast!) who share my sense of humor….or, at least, understand it.  Bless them.  There is always a laugh to be shared over omelets and pancakes:)  But when I was trying to think of something that made me laugh this week, or even recently….well, I was drawing a blank.

However, don’t think I’m a totally curmudgeon.  (Um, is curmudgeon used just for crusty, cranky old men?  Is there a female equivalent??) This not only made me smile but made me laugh.

Not a belly laugh, mind you, but a feel good in your heart kind of laugh:)  The cutest dachshund butt ever!!:)  Aren’t our favorite pups like that?  Some of our sweetest blessings?  Let’s move them close to the top of our gratitude lists!  Again, some of you have some really cute puppies.  I love seeing their photos and reading about their crazy antics/adventures.  Pets are great and add so much to our lives!

And what is it about dogs and the goofy ways they can find to sleep??  That “not quite ready to face the day” dachshund actually belongs to my brother.  But we love her.  Of course, not to show favorites, I must include our own crazy (grand) puppy photo!  Crazy Juju…..

And, if there just was not enough puppy cuteness around here, my son’s girlfriend brought home a new puppy yesterday!  Please – let me be the first to introduce Finnegan to the blog world!!  Just soak in all that new puppy sweetness…..and here’s to a week that includes lots of puppy snuggles.  And, perhaps, even an extra laugh or two!!  Happy Monday, friends!

21 thoughts on “(Four-footed) Blessings That Make Me Smile

  1. Aww, Finnegan is a doll- one of the cutest pups I´ve seen in a while. Hold your pets close. My brother´s dog Casey died recently. My brother did not seek this dog out- Casey belonged to an elderly friend of my brother. My brother would walk the dog for his friend and the dog really took to him. My brother´s friend died and my brother was given the dog. I think Casey´s death has been hard because it reminds him of his lost friend and now he has the loss of Casey. Anyway, I´m glad the dogs in your family´s lives are bringing lots of joy! Your upcoming food events sound nice both for the food and the get togethers as well. I hope you have a great Monday

    1. Maria, Hard to imagine “inheriting” a dog. I glad that your brother wanted/was willing to keep Casey….and that Casey had someone special after his first owner died. It was a win for them both:) Yes, lots of doggie joy around here….and Finnegan is quite the cutie:)

  2. Lots of four-pawed fun in this post! How can a position like the one that Juju is enjoying be comfortable? And yet, they are totally relaxed!
    I have never heard of a Pie Palooza before – but it sounds like a fun thing to do. Bon appetit!

  3. I love all the puppies. Each one is so adorable! It makes me miss my Lucy. She is not a good traveler so we could not bring her with us. That’s about the only thing I don’t like on our vacation. Enjoy those pups and have a great week.

  4. Oh…I love the dog and puppy pictures! Our animals are such blessings for us. We currently don’t have any pets…our 15 year old Border Collie passed away several years ago and we have not gotten another one. We look at pictures online and talk about getting another one but we just never get past that.

    I enjoyed reading about your blessings, Jennifer.

    1. We talk of another pet (of our own) as well…but we are actually just fine enjoying all the pet fun of family and friends! Pets that go home at the end of the day or weekend:)

  5. Aw, the new little puppy is adorable. I do find animal antics to be quite funny but I do tend to laugh a lot anyway.

  6. Hello, my friend. The new puppy is adorable! Pups bring such joy to us, don’t they? We got a new puppy a few weeks ago. Cosmo is a 5-month-old cavapoo and is the cuddliest, sweetest little thing ever. I hope you have a cozy evening. I am so very happy we met here.

    1. Aha – so correct. That is joy of loving others’ pups. You can scoop and snuggle…but do not have to scoop after!!

  7. That puppy is so adorable! I’m always tempted when I see a cute puppy, but then I talk myself out of it for many reasons. I’m glad you felt the love last week 🙂 You’ve got a fun week ahead. Have a wonderful time!

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