Cow Appreciation

Hello Wednesday!  And do you know what today is?  National Cow Appreciation Day!!  Who knew??  (well, I suppose all the folks at Chick-Fil-A might but, if so, I missed it)  As a vegetarian, no doubt I should be giving out all the cow appreciation that I can!:)  But, truthfully, I just have a soft spot for the big ladies on the farm.  Not sure how it started but did you read that I once wanted to be a dairy farmer?  That was quite a few decades ago so, apparently, the fascination has been around a while. But, just for the record:

1 – my being a vegetarian, honestly, has nothing to do with my “feelings” toward cows.  I first made the decision to stop eating meat after “yet another” cancer diagnosis.  I was doing a lot of reading but a couple of books dealing with our meat industry sealed the deal for me.  In the beginning, I refused fish as well but, these days, I do eat a few kinds of fish.  Especially salmon.

2 – I enjoy a  cute animal print as much as the next girl; however, a cow print is a no.  On anything but, especially, on clothes.  It never looks good on me and, rarely, looks good on anyone.  Not everything needs to be made into a fabric print.

3 – as much as I appreciate the cows, I have never dressed up in order to get a free sandwich at Chick-Fil-A (even when I ate chicken).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to scoff at a free lunch but I do not dress up.  Just the thought of having to do so raises my anxiety to dangerous levels.  The last time I dressed up was over a decade ago (but, yes, I was a grown adult – shameful!) when I was working part-time at our local Hallmark.  It was actually a rather fun job.  During the Christmas in July premiere of all the new ornaments (yes, in July!), we had to dress up as our favorite ornament.  Oh, I wish I was kidding.  I was caught totally off guard and was not able to get out of it (at least not the first year….I totally refused the next year and was completely shamed for it).  I spent the day at work as Velma from Scooby Doo.  Totally not the most awkward costume but I just cannot stand it.

4 – I have a hard time passing up a cute cow picture or canvas print.  I know they are (supposedly) not “the in” thing for decorating but I still see plenty of them when I’m shopping – thank you, Hobby Lobby – and I love them.  Yes, I have a few.  I only use them in the basement and, well, my husband enjoys them as much as I do. And we just decorate with what we enjoy.  “In” or not so much.  Ok, I may not have an apple-themed kitchen anymore (please tell me you remember themed kitchens!) but the basement is our place:)  Of course, if you come to visit, you are more than welcome to put your feet up in the basement – but I hope you like cows!!

Do you have a soft spot for something totally random?  There is probably a day for it out there somewhere.  No idea who creates these special days…but, for what it is worth, Happy Cow Appreciation Day friends!!

10 thoughts on “Cow Appreciation

  1. It’s funny that you wrote about this- just the other night my husband was reading to me all of the coming days and what they were going to be celebrating and he mentioned this one! So I did know this, thanks to him. I think I missed that you love cows, so I’m curious to read about how you wanted to be a dairy farmer, but I have always thought they were adorable! I love the cow print in your basement. We have friends who own a dairy farm and one time when we were there, a calf took a liking to my son Drew- and for the next two years Taco would follow him around every time we went to their place. Yes, they named him Taco, but they keep all their cows for milk.

    This was fun to read! I decorate the same way, by the way- with things we love and that mean something to us. It’s my favorite thing to see people’s homes and to hear their stories. I am such a sentimental person! Have a great day, my friend!

    1. Aren’t the “special days” just a hoot to read about? Something for everyone! Taco:) I think that is an adorable name for a cow…and super adorable that he followed Drew around. A pet cow!! Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

  2. Fun post, Jennifer! Where to start, where to start? Yes, I remember apple themed kitchens. Who can forget? I totally wanted one ;). That is interesting about why you are a vegetarian. I can understand it with your health concerns. I think I mentioned it before but your being vegetarian makes me even more impressed that you have successfully embraced keto. Meat seems to be the backbone (no pun intended) of that diet so kudos to you for doing it without meat. Agree with you about the cow print on clothes. Just no. And I completely agree that you should decorate with items and art that make you happy not what it’s in style. That said, I know I’m influenced by fads because I have no desire for an apple themed kitchen like I did when they were popular! Enjoyed reading this. Have a great day, Jennifer!

    1. I’m not going to lie – vegetarian keto is a different ballgame than (carnivore) keto. Definitely requires more planning. And thinking! When apple kitchens were so popular, I was working as a teacher’s aide at my kids’ school. One apple-themed teacher gift left to another…and quickly to an entire kitchen. Oh yes indeed. The cheery apple border – that I added on my own:) It just made sense!!:)

  3. My mother in law loves cows too and used to have all sorts of cow prints, cow figurines, and milk jugs all over her house. I also can not stand dressing up and usually pick something comfortable when I am forced to dress up… like a nurse so I can just wear hospital scrubs LOL.

    1. I must confess, I have more than one or two figurines as well. Oh boy! And scrubs as a costume? Brilliant!

  4. Fun post! I have a special place in my heart for goats! No particular reason why, I just like them! I don’t have any goat decor, but I love to see them as we drive by local pastures and such. Per your post I looked it up and National Goat Day is May 23rd! 😃 Who knew!
    I was visiting grandchildren a few years back on Chick fil-A cow appreciation day and of course they wanted to go. So, we all dressed up in white tee shirts and cut out black dots which we stapled on and headed over for our free lunch! It was great fun! By the way, several years ago, their cousins (who have a very creative mom who made them costumes) actually won the national costume competition prize and enjoyed seeing their photo on the kid’s menu box and free chick filet for one year!

    1. Goats! I love it! My husband’s soft spot is for donkeys! We’ve even considered “adopting” a donkey through a refuge (as in, supporting one….no room to actually have one here, although I am sure he would love that!) And you just knew there would be a National Goat Day! Now I am curious – when is National Donkey Day!!:) That is so super fun about knowing the national cow costume champions!! What a creative mom!!

  5. didnt know it was cow appreciation day …thanks for the heads up tho lol …i do have a cow pic in my kitchen and i love it …dont think its over done . . . happy wednesday to you too . . .

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