Good Monday Morning 7.11.22

Happy Monday….here’s to a beautiful week ahead.  We had a nice but rather quiet weekend.  Saturday was a soaker.  Rained almost all day.  I was fine with that as I needed the day to reorganize all of my (proverbial) ducks into rows.  Being sick for a few days last week….and those ducks definitely had a mind of their own:)  I feel so much better.  Even more so with things back in order.

Yesterday, we had a good day at church.  It was an especially sweet morning with my group of Junior Church kiddos.  They just make my heart happy.  Interesting note (that so caught my attention as I was preparing my lesson):  When Pharoah’s daughter found the baby boy (later named Moses) along the river Nile, she called for Jochebed – the baby’s mother! – to be his nurse.  To nurse and raise him until the proper time for “weaning” and then he would be returned to the princess and raised in the palace.  Most often, as I read this story, I think what a blessing and privilege (orchestrated only by the hand of God) that Jochebed was the one chosen and her baby was returned to her.  I rejoiced for her!

She probably brought her son to the palace (and left him there) sometime around the age of five.  Approximately.  I’m sure all moms would agree, her son seemed so young. The time too short.  However, all that she poured into him for those first five years remained and impacted him for the rest of his life.  He was raised, educated and trained as an Egyptian.  However, being an Israelite never really left his heart.

Jochebed took full advantage of whatever time she had…..and she poured herself into her son.  That truth – and all that it implies – was a heart-full for me this weekend!  It is a story I love….and a story I enjoy telling.  We had a good time with it this morning.

The week ahead has a few fun plans.  As well as quite a bit of dusting and cleaning bathrooms.  It’s life.  I hope you will come by later in the week.  And, if you did not see Friday’s post – it is a bit of a unique one for me.  Twenty completely random facts about me.  Read it….and then let me know a random fact about you in the comments!  Happy Monday!!

8 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 7.11.22

  1. I love that story as well! How sweet of God to do that for both her and him. Talk about making the absolute best out of a crummy situation. I need to clean as well! I’ll be doing that today, along with catching up on laundry and grocery shopping. I’m going to read that post now, because I missed it Friday. Have a great day, my friend!

  2. I’ve always liked this story as well. I can only imagine the joy Jochebed felt when chosen to be his nurse and the heartache she must have felt when she had to give him back. But I guess we all experience this with our own children. We give them everything we can as they grow up – treasuring every moment – knowing they will one day leave us. It is always hard to (initially) let them go – but we do – and they seem to flourish. Glad you are feeling better!

    1. Thanks so much! So glad to be feeling better as well:) Thanks for stopping by…and for taking the time to comment!!

  3. My uncle gave me a Bible when I was very young. My parents did not take us to church and I was left to explore my Bible on my own. I filled out the family tree inside with just my name because that was all I could write. And then I looked at all the pretty pictures. My favorite one became Pharoah’s daughter taking baby Moses out of the river in the basket. I loved that picture. And the story I learned about later that accompanied that picture. Thank you for this sweet reminder.

    1. Thank the Lord for such an uncle!! I’m glad you were able to explore your Bible – even if on your own – back then…and that you are still exploring! Aren’t we all!?!:)

  4. I’m sure you are a blessing to the kids at your church and to the volunteer ministry at your church. You seem like you’d be great with kids (I just think that from your writing style which admittedly may not be the best measure but still I feel like I can tell you’re great with them!).

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