Welcome to February.  The month of hearts, love, groundhogs, presidents, and chocolate!  Who would have imagined:)

Last Tuesday I promised a follow-up to my post regarding happiness.  That post was about sabotaging our happiness and I wanted to offer a couple of ways to encourage, or foster, our happiness.  However, in order to join this monthly link-up, I am reflecting on things “currently” in my life.  The happiness encouragement will continue next Tuesday.  For sure:)

That said, around here, I am currently:

LOVING – this weather!  I am not usually one to chat/talk about the weather (it somehow seems lame to me) but I have to admit the weather genuinely affects me.  My energy, my mood, my productivity, and my attitude.  It’s no secret I don’t really like winter, but that is because I struggle with it.  I suppose our feelings are mutual – winter does not like me either!  But our winter lately has felt more like early spring.  It has been wonderful – and I have felt all the better for it!  Yesterday, I spent the day outside.  In February.  I know….amazing!!

EMBRACING –  to be honest, not much.  I almost deleted this prompt – ha.  Let’s just say, I am not a hugger.  Or an embracer.  And for all you huggers out there…this might be a good time to rethink your personal boundaries.  Just sayin:)

TASTING – chocolate – dark chocolate to be extra picky/specific – in just about anything.  But, especially, in my morning mug.  The valentine inspired coffee flavors lately have not disappointed.  By the way, add a chocolate drizzled biscotti and life is just about perfect:)

WEARING – all the dresses.  Have you noticed the popularity of dresses lately?  Count me in.  I love the convenience of dresses and the styles of late are super cute.  But I usually think of dresses as warmer weather wear; however, there are plenty of long-sleeved and heavier material options now.  I have added (more than just) a couple to my closet!

PREPARING – for the Valentine’s banquet (something ahead).  The supplies have been bought and the plan is in place.  I am excited to see it all come together next week.  How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I suppose it is a commercialized holiday – but, have fun, and use the excuse to share some love!  And to eat all the (dark) chocolate!!

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  1. I agree, Valentines is just fun! And February really needs happy added sometimes. Lol.

    I almost deleted the prompt wearing lol! I don’t really wear anything special, but I did finally come up with something. 🙂

    Have a great one!

    1. Hope you enjoy having fun with your valentines! It does add some happy to our usually frigid but rather mild this year February!:)

  2. I have to admit the weather really does affect me also. I love blue skies and sunshine and won’t really complain when it’s hot. When those things are absent I’m really “blue”. I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

  3. Ha! I am with you n the personal boundaries. And on the weather affecting my mood. On a few levels it’s not great that we’ve not had much snow in my area of Michigan this year, but I can’t help but admit how nice the milder weather is for my mental state!

  4. I was loving the weather over Christmas and even this past weekend, now we’ve got lots of snow. I’d love it if we had a bit of an early spring for real! I love dresses in the winter too!

  5. Hope you will share photos and details about your Valentine’s banquet at church. We went to a church hosted dance and dinner 2 years ago. Our church is very large and we don’t really know many folks there, so thought it would be a way to meet people. But everyone pretty much snuggled up with the ‘one who brought ’em’ and there wasn’t a lot of socializing among couples. Oh, well!! We had fun anyway.

    1. I will try to get a photo or two. I’m terrible with remembering to do that….but thanks for the reminder:) However you celebrate this year – have a “sweet” time!!

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