Currently: February 2022

January has moved on.  Reading posts during the last week, it seems that January, apparently, feels like the longest month to many.   I don’t know if I feel that way every year but this one has definitely felt long.  I say – hello February!!  Today, I suppose, is Groundhog Day – which is rather ridiculous in my opinion.  How did that day actually earn recognition on calendars?  Nevertheless and regardless of whatever prediction a groundhog might possibly have, we are one month closer to spring. And that puts a little “spring” in my step.  See what I did there?  Let’s move right along with this month’s edition of “Currently.”  The link-up can be found here.

Currently, I am

LOVING – that the days are starting to get longer.  There is sunlight even past 5:30!  I’m still loving flannel sheets, the fireplace early in the morning, and finishing up the last of my Peppermint Bark coffee from Christmas.  I can’t fail to mention that we have been enjoying (dare I say, loving!) having the puppies for a visit the last few days.  They have not been around since Christmas and we were missing those sweet doggies!  They bring a lot of joy – and dog hair – to our home:)

MAKING – cute plans for some Valentine fun with my littles at church.  Last Sunday, we made some cute Valentines that I will send to their parents and, as well, we will be sharing “some love” with our pastor. I’m using this idea for those.  We took the photos this past Sunday.  Too cute:) Of course, we will have some heart-shaped treats and play some fun games when the actual day gets here.  It all reminds me of fun memories with my own kiddos (which seems like a lifetime ago) but it makes this old lady’s heart smile!

TAKING – inventory of my closet.  I’m not sure what is happening to my taste in clothes or whatever shred of fashion sense I may or may not have had…but, truthfully, there is very little in my closet that I even like.  I have never seen so much gray.  (Or, is it grey??) Far bit it from me to besmirch the ever-popular color of gray but it is a rather boring hue.  And boring pretty much sums up my closet.  Color aside, there is not much else that is really interesting or attractive about my wardrobe.  And so I take inventory.  The conclusion:  time to start over.  But that is an entirely new paragraph, or prompt.  And a project that seems a bit overwhelming.

WANTING – to try my hand at sewing.  I even pulled my sewing machine out of the closet where it has resided since we moved to this house.  Um, thirteen years ago.  It is in nearly new condition as my stint with sewing did not last long.  I totally blame my girlfriend.  The one who was teaching me to sew.  Her husband was transferred and after she moved, that machine completed befuddled me.  Not that long ago, I gave crochet a try.  Several tries actually.  Even the friend patiently teaching me agreed that crochet just might not be my thing.  Sigh.  I just want to make something!!  Just want to sew a hem.  Any straight line would be encouraging at this point.

WONDERING – if I might be able to plan and/or actually pull off something fun/different/exciting for my birthday.  Hmm.  It is one of those milestone birthdays:)  I don’t usually enjoy celebrating my birthday (lame, I know) but I was recently remembering how much fun I had ten years ago – such great memories – and I’m wondering if this year wouldn’t be a great time to make some more memories??  Maybe even travel.  It would have to be here in the states but I would be happy to simply get to another state!!  Travel, as of late, has been less than enjoyable (to say the least) but maybe, just maybe…..we will see.  It is a big “wondering” but I have a couple of months to work on it.

Well, that wraps up this month “currently.”  What have you been loving?  Let me know in the comments…and, as always, thanks for stopping by!  Please, come back often and here’s to a lovely month ahead!

6 thoughts on “Currently: February 2022

  1. Peppermint bark coffee?? Oh, yes, please!! I have been drinking a maple bourbon coffee that is just delicious. And smells even better. But peppermint bark sounds like something I need to find in a hurry!!

    Glad the pups have been such a pleasure. My daughter here in El Paso has the cutest dog. We swear it is one of our former pups reincarnated. I love being with Pumpkin.

    Your bee Valentine craft is adorable. I am subbing next week and would like to do something valentiney with the kids. I have generally shared your thoughts on Groundhog Day but this year I was subbing in kinder the day of. The children were delighted by the book I read and the craft we made. And we took a poll, they all wanted more winter!!

    You might look into Alison Lumbatis’ style challenges and capsule wardrobes. I love them. I truly have a closet of clothes I love. But I just don’t get out enough to wear everything. Especially since Covid. Used to be able to count on at least dressing for church on Sunday.

    1. Yes, I will look into those style challenges. With a wardrobe as challenged as mine – I could use some good inspiration and style challenges! It would be wonderful to have a closet full of clothes that I truly love!!

  2. I am loving the longer days and my flannel sheets as well! And I too have a milestone birthday coming up and am trying to figure out how to celebrate. Travel would be AMAZING!!!

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