Currently: June 2020

Welcome June! I must admit, I was more than a little excited to turn the calendar page for June.  May was not my best month.  It was long…and draining.  In all ways.  A new month – which began on Monday (my favorite) and new week…bonus! – was a breath of fresh air and renewed hope for my depleted soul.  Let’s see if I can complete this “Currently” post without any reference to or influence from the weeks of quarantine or even the world’s current situation.  Certainly not trying to dismiss or ignore all that is bombarding us….but I am simply in need of some self-encouragement and heart refreshment!

FEELING – Oh bother.  That is a tad tricky to answer after just typing the above paragraph; however, I am cautiously optimistic.  I am feeling more hopeful and less tense, but, yes, I am cautious.   I am even more guarded about what I allow “in” and what I dwell on.  When my thoughts begin to spiral, I stop what I am doing and purposefully take my thoughts captive.  I’ve been outside more often and have been connecting with others – in person – much more.  It really does help me emotionally and mentally.  Yes, feeling more lighthearted and more like myself…and I enjoy it!

WEARING – my cardigan on, my cardigan off….and then my cardigan back on.  I repeat this process too many times a day to count.  The weather is still a bit all over the place.  (Today started off in the 50s.  Tomorrow is supposed to in the 90s.)  Some days are cardigan days and others are not.  But even on the really warm days, I do not like the feel of air conditioning on my arms.  So the cardigan goes on.  But as soon as I step outside, cardigan off.  You get the idea.

BUYING – replacement parts and fresh vegetables.  The vacuum cleaner broke.  We contemplated a new one.  Shopped around a bit, stared at the crazy prices, and then decided to have ours repaired.  It is working – and looking like new – with a twenty-dollar replacement part!  The blender pitcher also broke – which I noticed while I was making coconut milk.  Milk that has to blend for ten minutes…and a tiny bit was spitting out of the back the entire time.  Not cool.  I am also buying all the fresh vegetables.  But there are no farmer’s markets open so I am still ordering mine from Imperfect Foods.  Squash, zucchini, carrots, peppers in every color, broccoli, etc. etc.  Anything but tomatoes!! All delivered right to my doorstep.

CRAVING – soft-serve ice cream.  I do not need soft-serve ice cream and, typically, I can easily pass on ice cream.  But something about these long, pre-summer evenings – when the sun lingers and the temperatures are lovely – that makes me wonder out loud, “I would love some ice cream.”  And, by ice cream, I of course mean soft serve.  I love it in a cup with at least two toppings.  No whipped creme and certainly no cherry (yuck).  I don’t even mind if the outdoor tables are sticky….because they always are and, well, that is just part of the lovely evening.

DISCUSSING – new opportunities and possible changes for several of my family members.  It seems to be in most of our conversations.  Some more than others:)  I’m excited for them.  Excited for the future and excited for change.  I’m yearning for some change of my own….but that remains to be seen.  For now, I will enjoy new futures for my people.

Currently….I am looking forward to returning to church. I typed that exact statement last month.  Church did reopen this past Sunday; however, we (my husband and I) have not been able to go yet.  For a variety of reasons.  I will be patient and will look forward to returning soon. I am also noticing – and loving – the little things lately.  There are plenty but I’m surprised how many can be enjoyed right from our front porch. (We love front porch season, as we call it.)  We have been watching a dove nest in the neighbor’s hanging planter.  She occasionally gets run off when they come and go through the front door…but she never goes far.  Then she spends her time settled on her eggs – patiently waiting for her babies to hatch. Such a sweet mama:)

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25 thoughts on “Currently: June 2020

    1. I also think I sound like an old person….watching the birds:) But aren’t they just so sweet?? Hope you have a great day today!!

  1. Well, I think I jinxed us by commenting for the 3rd time recently that we were enjoying a lot of the 70s and 80s temps, when usually by the end of May it is already hot and humid. Of course, that was what we got yesterday. After a weeks long binge on ice cream, I have at least switched to fat-free sherbet. And in regards to the thoughts spiraling, I think that has been the one downside of our isolation. Until we readjusted our abilities to focus on select things, it was quite overwhelming to have the pace of life slow down so much that we started overthinking every thing. As in all things, we need to find balance. I’m glad you’re making progress there.

    1. Definitely going to be summer temps today! Grateful for our air conditioning and, yes, ice cream is delicious…but I can’t let that be a habit. But we did go out last night:) Thanks for stopping by – and taking time to comment!!

  2. I completely understand your sentiment that you wrote about in the very first paragraph. I’m spending a lot of time in prayer these days, and working to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. I pray that verse all the time! I’ve started a gratitude list in my journal to help me when I’m feeling extra anxious. Thank you for sharing all of this~it was just the light and refreshing blog post that I needed. I’ve been trying to do the same, but haven’t hardly posted much, except for one post I made yesterday all on the book of Proverbs and how it’s been encouraging me. I may try to work on another one. I also had to uninstall social media from my phone. I’ve spent almost 24 hours free of it, and I’m thinking I will draw this out at least through today, maybe a bit longer. It helped me tremendously!

    Take care!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jennifer. I think I need to add some Proverbs reading to my devotional time. Very wise….right along with uninstalling social media. One of the best ways to help take my thoughts captive! Glad you stopped by and really appreciate your comment!! Have a blessed week!

    1. The selection is great and the prices are reasonable…and I really like the concept/philosophy. The deliveries are not always perfect, I have to admit. An item will be missing or some such. They are very responsive (with refunds etc) when I let them know…but it can be annoying. Just sayin.

  3. Ha, I’m familiar with the cardigan on-and-off dance, I do that frequently as well. And soft serve ice cream does sound wonderful. Heck, ice cream of any kind always does 🙂

  4. Ha! You and I both had the same idea for “craving”, although the ice cream I am craving is hand-dipped, not soft-serve. I agree with you on the cherry. Yuck!

    When I used to teach, my favorite wardrobe items were cardigans. I couldn’t have gotten through the day without them!

    1. My husband really likes the cherries and I used to get one so I could share it with him. Now..I just really don’t even want it on mine!! Benefits of being married for a while:)

  5. Ahh, the feeling that soft serve ice cream and sticky tables evokes – total summer. And I really appreciate your perspective of not ignoring what is going on, but still finding a way to refresh and renew yourself. I hope June continues that for you!

    1. Thanks, Anne! I hope your month will be filled with summer goodness as well. I will look forward to hearing about it….I am always amazed at how quickly the weeks pass between these Currently posts!!

  6. Yay for the affordable fix to your vacuum. We had a rash of broken appliances about a month ago but have, hopefully, turned a corner.

    I thought our church had opened a few weeks ago. Toyed with the idea of going but thought we should wait til they get the bugs worked out on how to do things within the social distancing parameters. But lo and behold, church didn’t open after all. Surely soon.

    Felt cautiously optimistic for the first time today, too. I saw more people out. Went into a couple of stores I hadn’t visited in months. Wearing my mask, of course. But it was nice to go somewhere other than Walmart for groceries.

  7. It is good you are feeling optimistic! I tend to be pessimistic in general. I would love some ice cream! And I love watching birds too!

    1. Something about watching the birds:) Glad you stopped by…hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!!

  8. Cautiously optimistic sums it up perfectly. We do seem to be heading in the right direction with the virus now, let’s hope there is no second wave when restrictions reduce even more.
    We’re definitely having a ‘cardigan on’ kind of day here – the good old British weather has changed completely from gloriously warm and sunny to windy, cloudy and definitely chillier!

    1. Our weather went opposite. Glorious earlier this week…and (still wonderfully summer) but very hot today and yesterday!! No cardigan necessary:)

  9. Definitely feeling that “cautious optimism” here, too! We’re slowly opening back up, and I’m probably in the minority, but I’m jumping back in with both feet. I need it for my mental health. But I’m most looking forward to church services in person again, too!

  10. that yummy ice cream cone made me smile on this gray cloudy morning, friend.

    thank you for sharing what’s happening in your life …. and yes, returning to church has been a highlight in recent weeks. We’re outdoors worshiping, 6′ apart, small in number, but so grateful in spirit.

    one day at a time, yes?

    bless you in the waiting …

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