Currently: June 2021

Another new month.  May seemed to go faster than some of the months before it…which I know means it is summer.  Or, at the very least, warmer weather.  Sunny skies and longer days.  The weeks and months filled with sunshine just “go by” so much nicer for me than the darker, hunkered-down ones!  Life is just better in the sunshine!  We’ve had some throw the windows open kind of days, a few days that called for the ac, and, just last weekend, even a few mornings where we need the heat to knock the chill off.  But the days are still sun-drenched and longer every evening.  I love it!  And, so, June is here and time for this month’s “Currently” link-up.  What have you been up to currently…or lately:)  As for me…..

Currently, I am:

CELEBRATING – several fun things this month.  One special girl is turning 13!  Thirteen!! Hard to believe…but very exciting!  Another special young lady is graduating from high school.  Her graduation party is next weekend.  I’m looking forward to celebrating with her.  And with her parents.  There is also a special housewarming party celebrating the end of a very long wait for a new home for our pastor and his wife.  I am so happy for them.  Definitely cause to celebrate.

COLLECTING – doilies.  Ha!  I am not a collector.  I do have a shelf full of sheep which I suppose could be considered a collection but I have not added to that “collection” in years (although they are just the cutest of animals, don’t you think?)  Lately though, I have had a slight obsession with crocheted doilies.  I have no idea…but I really do think they make things on the coffee table or shelf look much nicer.  I find just about all of them at thrift stores – just as I did yesterday – and they always make me smile.  Maybe I’m turning into my grandmother!

GIFTING – something other than gift cards.  Or, at least, I am hoping to do so.  Those special events mentioned above all need gifts – which is fun – but I tend to complicate gifts.  It seems like most folks simply want gift cards but I’ve never really considered gift cards “great gifts.”  They seem to lack any thought and always feel like a quick way to just the box.  I inquire for ideas.  I scour the internet.  I think and rethink all sorts of unique and fun ideas.  And, afterward, nine times out of ten, I always ask myself, “Why didn’t I just get a gift card??”  You would think I would learn!!  That said, I really am trying to find some unique gift ideas – especially for the graduation and for the new teenager birthday girl!!  Any and all suggestions gladly accepted!

THINKING – about Jordan’s return home next month.  Won’t be long now.  He will not be here long but it will be great to have him here for ten days or so.  Also thinking about future possibilities:  what it would be like to live overseas and if God would ever open that door; if another missions trip could be in my future and where that might be; and wondering where we might go for Thanksgiving this year.  (We would actually like to travel this holiday but is it too early to think about Thanksgiving??)

TRYING – to stick with my latest “new eating plan” – which sounds much better than a diet.  It really is not a diet and something I plan to continue way beyond losing weight.  If I ever even lose weight.  I am trying to remember “my why” which is much more about a healthy lifestyle and doing all I can to be my healthiest self – which is not necessarily determined by a number on the scale.  Trying to remind myself of that often.

And that is it.  Another wrap and my latest “Currently” installment. I would love to know what you are currently thinking…hmmm.  And if you collect anything.  Share in the comments.  I answer each one right here.  Thanks for reading and following along.  You can also go here to read what others are currently up trying, gifting or celebrating!

27 thoughts on “Currently: June 2021

  1. I am with you on the healthy lifestyle and trying to do better! My family and I lived 3 years in another country as missionaries and it was a great, though often a hard experience. I am so thankful for that time though!

    1. Aha – I saw my answer right there on your sidebar:) Missionaries in Columbia….that must have been hard. And amazing!!

  2. I definitely need to start doing better with healthy eating.

    I don’t mind getting gift cards, personally, but when I gift things to other people, I’m always trying to figure out something different to do. I love giving gifts so planning that out is fun for me! LOL


    1. I totally agree – the planning/shopping/preparing the gift is all the fun!! I enjoy gift-giving, too! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. So many fun things to celebrate! I often try to give “real” gifts in place of gift cards too. It’s not always easy though.

  4. I think there could be worse things than turning into your grandmother! I used to crochet, but have not made anything in years. A daily, though, would be just about my speed. Not a huge time commitment.

    I have been thinking about Thanksgiving already too. I hope we get to travel to be with family.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one thinking about the holidays!!:) Traveling at Thanksgiving sounds exciting and overwhelming (so many travelers) all at the same time!

  5. “My why” is such a good way to create a lifestyle that works for you – I like that. And what a lot of fun milestones to celebrate this month! Happy June 🙂

  6. We have dear friends who started traveling for Thanksgiving a few years ago. I have to admit, I’m starting to consider it myself! I never thought I’d want to break away from the Traditional Thanksgiving…but COVID had be rethink a lot about why we do what we do, and what it might look like to change things up. And I love that you’re collecting doilies. Whenever I pick up vintage items at a thrift store, I feel like I’m rescuing them. They belong to someone’s grandma! They mustn’t perish! (I do that with tablecloths and bedspreads. Can’t resist.)

    1. What a sweet way to think of the doilies….and tablecloths and bedspreads! Oh my, I could get myself in trouble!! Glad you stopped by today, Carolyn!

  7. My husband is great gift giver and he says the secret is being a good listener throughout the year. I’ve learned to be a little more like him, just listening to what people are excited about, what they are wishing for, talking about or noticing. Then when the time rolls around for gifting I usually have some good ideas.

    1. I’ve heard others say similar things – about listening throughout the year. Apparently, I need to listen more…or at least do better at remembering what I’ve heard:)

  8. I hear you with the eating plan! I always tend to gravitate towards sugar in the afternoons and I know it’s my downfall. It’s hard to stay away! Good luck to you! Happy birthday toy your daughter!

  9. I like doilies too. I wanted to buy one once and kept asking shop attendants if they had any in stock, but noone knew what doilies were! Maybe they are a bit old fashioned but that’s part of the charm!

  10. I am not a fan of gift cards either and never come up with good presents. I hate it actually. So much pressure. Wishing you luck to find the perfect thing and then many smiles when they are unwrapped.

  11. I’m new this month and thought this sounded fun. I love how you said “remember my why” that is so important. I don’t really think I “collect” anything in particular either. I love doilies. I have a bunch of old ones that my great grandma made.

  12. I so relate to the gifting struggle – I don’t consider myself a good gift-buyer, and I am in a family with an amazing gift-giver, so it makes gift cards feel extra boring! But I think you are right, people DO like gift cards, so maybe I just need to get over feeling like a gifting failure and break out the gift cards, ha!

  13. I just pinned the prettiest table runner made from assorted doilies. I don’t sew – or not well – but I might even be able to sew enough to put it together. And yes, sheep are adorable.

    Glad your son is coming home for a visit. Look at you thinking ahead to the holidays. I have a small Christmas Club account but not enough in it to really start my holiday shopping yet. We are having a holiday baby – my oldest daughter is due on 12.27. So that will be the best gift for all of us.

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