Day Trip–Middleburg

So many thanks to everyone’s sweet birthday wishes to Emily.  We had a nice day yesterday…celebrating Em!  Among her gifts, she received a purse AND shoes – what more does a girl really need for a great birthday??! So – now I am backtracking – to my day on Monday.  I spent the day with a favorite friend in the not-terribly far away town of Middleburg.  We always enjoy our day trips and Monday was a great day for a jaunt. middleburg five   On our way out, we drove the town of Aldie – and just had to stop at Diamonds and Rust.  This old house is filled and overflowing with every type of jewelry treasure and vintage clothes, as well.  My favorite was a huge bucket of mismatched or odd pieces of jewelry – 3 for $10.  Just digging through the pieces made me a little girl, again, going through my grandma’s jewelry box.  So much fun. middleburg six The owner, Marsha, was a treasure herself. So much fun to chat with – I felt like I was “catching up” with an old friend…but we have never met before.  We could have stayed much longer just visitingSmile But there were other treasures to be found…… middleburg four This store was downtown Middleburg.  Seriously, I was on sensory overload.  When you walk into a store like this….just where do you start??? middleburg three Honestly, I have a dishes addiction….and there were dishes everywhere!!  All kinds of fun things –and even a great store called The Fun Shop that was filled with just about a little of everything! Middleburg is quite the pet-friendly place.  All businesses have water out front and offer treats for your puppy.  (Uh, my puppy stayed at home.)  There are also shops a plenty that cater to the horse crowd.  Very much horse country….. We went into one thrift store run by the local Humane Society.  I always try to find something in these stores – just to buy something for the cause.  The local girls in this particular store were a hoot.  Decided to fill us in on all the local (and flavored) history and news.  Oh the sordid lives of the rich and famous!! middleburg one We sat on this porch for lunch.  Considering that 28 of the 30 days in September have been completely grey, cloudy and overcast – or drenched in rain – it was a great day on Monday.  There was actual sunshine!  And I always love a chance to eat outside. Up on the hill (in this photo) was just the prettiest church….tried to snap a photo of it but you can’t appreciate it – just trust me, it was a beauty.  Just like the whole day! When was your last fun day trip??

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  1. Jennifer-thank you so much! It was exciting to read your blog about D&R. I felt the same way about your visit with Pam. Your stories are beautifully written and really touch the heart. I'm so sorry about your son.

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