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Happy Monday, friends!  How did you spend your weekend?  Has fall settled in?  It certainly has here – I cannot remember the last time we really enjoyed the sun….it has been hidden by grey, thick clouds.  Every day.  And most days are damp, drizzly and (rather) dreary.  I don’t know how our northern west coast friends do it! And did I mention chilly – really chilly?  Really pushing my comfort zone.  But we did use the fireplace this weekend.  Love it!  A Sunday afternoon nap in front of the fire is pure heaven! Our plans for this past weekend had included plans to go to an apple orchard.  Remember I had been looking forward to that trip with my girlfriends last week?  Yep – rained out (and I was not very good at hiding my disappointment with that….sorry, girls.)  So, Hubbie and I thought we would try again on Saturday.  And, yep….drizzling and not pretty. But not to be outdone…..we headed to a local farm where they have this out-of-control pumpkin patch and other related activities. It really was impressive.  The parking lot was packed with cars (apparently the weather does not frustrate others like it does me)…but – as fun-lovin’ empty-nesters that we are….we told the parking attendant we were just there for the market and headed to the front of the parking lot next to the store!  Beautiful. cox farm 5 Such a fun place – a fantastic place to savor the sights…the smells…and the tastes of fall!! cox farm 3   cox farm 6 Lots of ORANGESmile cox farm 4 even an orange VW….. cox farm 7 We had a good time – although we couldn’t stay as long as we might have because we didn’t wear jackets.  Why??  I don’t know. cox farm 2   They had plenty of apple varieties to choose from – some I had never heard of but we pick ourselves a peck!! and grabbed some (overpriced but delicious) bread and butter pickles, too!  Apparently, you don’t HAVE to go to the orchard and pick ‘em yourself in order to have fun getting apples!! So, this morning I am making applesauce from these: cox farm 1 Don’t know that I’ve heard about Nittany apples but supposedly they make good sauce!!  I’ll let you know.  It certainly smells delicious in here!! I’ve already made some apple dumplings and plan to make apple crunch and apple cake later this week!  Oh, yum. Hope you have a yummy week planned ahead!!

10 thoughts on “Cox Farm

  1. Sounds wonderful! We go to an apple farm about 45 minutes away from here, and it is a trip we always look forward to making each Fall! We will be going in the next week or two.
    Where do you live? Cold already? Not here. Soon, soon!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect fall outing!! Fall arrived here this weekend. Fantastic weather, although not fireplace cold yet!! Loved the pictures!!

  3. Sounds like a fun time and apple cake sounds delicious…I love it! Our daughter's baby is due Oct 31…hoping she picks a different day! 🙂 Our DIL's baby is due first week of April.Thanks for praying.

  4. Hello! I don't know what about all of this sounds better….the cool weather and a fire already, or the trip to that market (it looked WONDERFUL) OR the making of applesauce, dumplings or cake??!? It ALL sounds wonderful to me…ENJOY

    Hugs, Debbie

  5. Oh I want to go there!!!! We are hoping to go this weekend, the first weekend hubby will be home in awhile. I'm so looking forward to getting some pumpkins and just enjoying the season with my hubby. The pictures look so nice!!! Hope you had a nice day!

  6. What a fun place to visit! I love the colors and textures of the lovely fall offerings. Cute crafts too! Yes, you did good. They do have an awful lot of different apple varieties don't they? What's up with that! Let us know how your applesauce turns out….

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