An End to Celebrate

Thankful Thursday…and this week is an easy choice. Today I finish the last of my latest round of treatments for my lymphoma. Although my scans have been clear, I am doing four rounds of Rituxin treatment every six months for the next two years – as a maintenance treatment. Rituxin is an immunotherapy and does not have all the side effects of traditional chemotherapy but it still is four hours of IV infusion and some mild side effects. While I am grateful to be doing “something” to keep my lymphoma in remission and I’m happy that today is the last of this round.

I am also thankful for: 1) a really good oncologist – she is highly respected, very educated but also very compassionate and kind. 2)rituxin – the advances that are being made to treat lymphoma are amazing to even my doctor…and rituxin is tolerated so much easier than chemotherapy (yea, I’ve done that, too). 3)could not forget insurance….each week, my insurance company is billed $5,950 just for the medicine (did I just type that??) and my part is 97 CENTS…that is nothing but a blessing from God! And 4)all of my wonderful friends who have shown me so much love in so many little ways these past weeks…it truly makes all the difference. Yes, today I am, indeed, truly thankful!

4 thoughts on “An End to Celebrate

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I will say a prayer for you. This is a very difficult thing to live with and you have come through it just great. Take care and I hope you stay in remission. I am a breast cancer survivor of 5 1/2 yrs. and I have a positive attitude and I know that it will not come back!

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