Enjoying Fall

My Simple Woman’s Daybook for October 11, 2010….Columbus Day!

Outside my window…is the beginning of yet another gorgeous day – the continutation of the perfect weekend we just had! Seems I’ve been praising the weather a lot lately – I just need to remember that in just the next few months ahead when I so quickly begin to moan about the weather.

I am thinking….about my daughter’s friend who got married yesterday….on a Sunday afternoon – simply because it was 10/10/10!! Heard on the radio that several wedding chapels are already booked for next year for 11/11/11….and for 9/10/11! Folks are so funny:)

I am thankful….for such a nice weekend that Hubbie and I just enjoyed. We made it to the Fall Festival – which they were actually having – and some friends joined us there. Such a nice, relaxing day….and I even purchased my first Christmas present:)

I am wearing…..my grubbies:) (at least for a bit!) Hubbie and I are going to work in the yard today! We have the front done and hope to finish up inside the patio today. Everyone has been working hard in their yards throughout the neighborhood and all the fall flowers (and pumpkins) look so nice. Love it. Several even have homemade scare crows – so remembering do those with all little kiddos. Actually we would make one each year at that same Fall Festival that we went to yesterday – but, this year, no scarecrow:(

I am remembering….last week – I (briefly) met Dr. Charles Stanley. How exciting! He was having a book signing at a local bookstore…so a friend and I headed out with LOTS of other folks and waited our turn. They really kept the line moving and I can’t truly say that we met (I told him my name) as I’m sure he has no idea who I am should we ever meet again; however, I was able to tell him what a tremendous blessing his preaching, his programs and books have been to me.

I am reading….Country Living, Southern Living and any other fun magazine with cute ideas for fall. True, I never really get around to many of them but I always feel inspired by all the creativity.

I am hoping…for another nice weekend this upcoming Saturday. Our church is having its first Fall Festival (I think that’s what we are calling it)…..pumpkins – and pumpkin chunkin’ – hay rides, chili lunch and all those nifty blow up bounce games that look like so much fun but are just for the kids.

On my mind…..a friend having a kidney transplant this Thursday. Praying for a quick recovery for he and his sister (the donor) and that it will be successful and he will feel “like his old self” for many, many years to come. Talking to his wife yesterday – found out his children are coming in….his daughter from college, and his son with his wife and their two grandchildren! WHAT!?! Just yesterday, I was driving all those little ones, along with my own, to school – for first grade and kindergarten!! Oh my.

From the kitchen….my goodness, where to begin?? Did you read through all those yummy recipes from Friday’s recipe share? I will be trying them all, for sure. So glad for everyone that could join us for Friday with Friends. This week let’s share some pictures – of anything FALL around your house! Inside. Outside. Pumpkins, leaves or scarecrows. Anything:)

Around the house…it smells good! I’ve gotten several new pumpkin inspired candles and those plug-in room freshners from Yankee Candle – yum. They smell wonderful:) Only problem – Hubbie wants to keep all the windows open – and I don’t blame him – but all the scent gets lost!

Plans for the week….ladies’ meeting, Bible study, trying new recipes:) and sticking to my diet!!

One of my favorite things…..when Hubbie comes home on Friday evening and says, “I think we should have a date night!” Cool. And then he says, “We can do whatever you would like to do.” Even cooler.


6 thoughts on “Enjoying Fall

  1. The weather here in the corn is quite similar to yours–except for the fog of soybean harvest playing havoc with my allergies. Better than snow for sure!

    I too am wearing grubbies as I prepare to do some cleaning and then work in the yard. I thought that shorts and a tank top weather was behind us but apparently not…

    How exciting that you got to meet Dr. Stanley! I like his style/method of delivery.

    I'm right there with you on watching my diet–I've fallen off the wagon the last couple of weeks and need to get back on track. I've got twenty pounds to go…

    Hope you have a good week 🙂

  2. Good morning Jennifer. That was fun to read. My hubby is away this week again on business. I miss him so much when he is gone. But my son is staying with me this time so Mommy won't get scared. Have a great week!!! I will put in a prayer for your friend who is having the kidney transplant too.

  3. Good morning! I love these lists you make…in fact if I get the chance I might do one too. I'm loving most of the same things. I did read through most of the recipes and I will have to try some. I need to be more disciplined though with my diet. I am just soo weak. sigh….Have a wonderful day….Soo much love, Debbie

  4. Loved reading about your day and your pictures! So cool!! Friday and Monday found me running here and there, I am so ready to be at home some this week!

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