Cruising – Day Two

So, I have some more pictures from the cruise and I just realized two things as I was uploading these photos – one: there are WAY too many of Hubbie and me! Tomorrow…much more of “the sights”!! And, two: my photography skills are worse than ever! Just bear with me.

I have included shots that show a bit of the ship, etc. – just for those who have never cruised before. It truly is a lot of fun:)

In our stateroom. Yes, they are tiny but more than adequate and the beds were wonderful! Notice mine – completely unmade….cause they have amazing service!!:) We were definitely spoiled in that respect.

Hubbie in our stateroom – remember, he takes me….I take him:) Yes, the luggage sorta piles wherever you can get it!

Our second day was a day at sea. I actually went to work out…ha! Only did that once but, hey, I can say I did work out on the cruise:) That night was our first formal night. Some folks like the formal…others, not so much. Hubbie and I really enjoy it. I just like seeing my sweetie in his tuxedo:)

See…..he’s so handsome!!

I have absolutely no idea who those people are sitting at our table!?!?!?
After dinner, we would see a show, play some trivia or spend some time listening to the different bands…or all three! This Caribbean band was fantastic!!
And….a favorite photo from day two! (Tomorrow – Amsterdam!)

10 thoughts on “Cruising – Day Two

  1. Oh Jennifer I LOVE these. Feel like I am with you on that cruise. What a wonderful picture of the two of you at dinner. You ought to blow that up and frame it and sit it out for all to see and remind you always of this special trip. Looking forward to more. Have a wonderful day. HUGS, Debbie

  2. I also feel like we are coming along with you!! I have never been on a cruise, so I appreciate your walk through it. The formal pictures are great.

  3. Hiiiiiii Jen! WOW you look so amazing! I LOVE the outfit you picked out for the formal night and Dad looks so handsome in his tux 🙂 I agree that formal night is so much fun! I never understood why people didn't want to get into the whole thing, ya know?

    Your room looks cozy and fun too and the room service….sigh, wish I had that in my house! Ha-ha!

    Looks like you guys had such a nice time and I'm so glad! Hopefully one of these days we will all be able to go on a short one together!!

    Love you!


  4. Had to come back after your beautiful comment on my blog. Thank you for always being a blessing, everytime you visit, you leave me smiling! Today though, I am beaming!! Have a wonderful day!

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