Five is Grace

Reading everyone’s sweet, heartfelt comments…and receiving so many “hugs”…has been such a blessing.  I thank each one of you for your comments, prayers and words of encouragement! Did you notice what one of my girlfriends said??  The Hebrew meaning of five is GRACE!!  I love that.  I am clinging to it.  Over the past few years, I have claimed the word HOPE…and all it implies.  Well, my “new” word is grace!  (I think I’ll start cross-stitching a pillow now!!) Smile Thank you, again, sweet friends.  And, tomorrow, exciting news!!

5 thoughts on “Five is Grace

  1. I didn't visit yesterday, but read your post and am so glad your blogging friends surrounded you with hugs, love and prayers. Grace…is such a powerful thing as is hope. Grace has become my word this year as I seek to walk more in it. May this year find you saturated in His grace as you contnue to live out an example of hope, love, mercy and grace that you have found in our Lord.

  2. Jenifer,

    I havent stopped by in awhile, I think an angel must have nudged me to read your post from yesterday! You said it perfectly, Tyler and Malorie are definitely in our future! I love that thought!!!

    Much love,


  3. Hey Jennifer,

    Wow… 5 years. Looking at his picture, I'll bet he was a joy! What a cutie!

    I'm sure he is one of the JOYS of heaven – making all of the little children laugh in heaven.

    Thanks for sharing his story and his life.

    My nephew died 20 years ago yesterday. He lived only for a few moments after birth and could not be revived. They never knew what caused his death. It's one of those "life mysteries" where we find out whether or not we really trust God.

    Hope you are doing well today. Praying God will use the hurts of your life to minister to those He places around you!


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