Ugg….What have I done??

As if I can’t seem to find enough time to post as often as I would like – when I do get on the computer, what do I find myself doing?? but trying to update the look…or change the design of my blog.  Why??  I have no idea why but better yet – this new design is completely black at the top.  I cannot see the title and I cannot see the tab that leads me to correct, design or change anything.  Fortunately, I type my posts on LiveWriter or I would not even be able to find that tab!  Oh my. I suppose I won’t be “redesigning” any time soon – and my blog will remain titleless.  Oh boy.  And now I have spent so much time trying to undo this mess, I am out of computer time – again.  But I WILL get a post up this evening….lots of fun stuff happening around here – well, fun for me, at leastSmile  That will, of course, be AFTER the Next Food Network Star – please tell me I am not the only one who is totally hooked on that show!

5 thoughts on “Ugg….What have I done??

  1. I can see the header and title. It is brown on a black background and the Bible verse shows up also. You can also see the tea tray.

    I like it, but hopefully you can get it worked out to the way you like it soon.

  2. I can see your header, too, Jennifer. But I know what you mean about experimenting with the design and then not being able to 'fix' what we've done! That is why I started a 'Test' blog ~ just for me to play with before I put it up 'for real'. But I still mess up. But, hey, it's not a competition ~ they are for our enjoyment, right? And it's a good way to learn some new 'skills'! :~]

    I've never watched the NFNS. The only show I watch regularly is America's Got Talent (boy are there some strange people out there! Not really what I would call talent!)Some are sooo funny!
    ttfn :~D

  3. I can see your header and title too. Everything looks just fine! I know what you mean, things can be so frustrating sometimes when trying to work on the computer. At least you are posting. My life has been so busy/crazy lately, that I have not posted in many months. There have just not been enough hours in the day! Hope your summer has gone well. I am behind on my blog reading too. We have had a nice summer. It just has flown by! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Hello!! I too can see your title, and I love the new look. I find myself going through times where I am constantly changing things up, and times when I have I am doing nothing at all (such as now, haha) I know the "bug" will hit me again and I will probably have forgotten all I figured out in the past. I have not watched the show, but my DIL is loving it!! I am excited to hear all that is going on with you! HUGS

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