Front Porch Sisters

Tuesday is Bible study day for me..which I always enjoy. I attend a Bible study at a church other than my home church and it is a bit of a drive to get there but I have so enjoyed getting to know these ladies and, although, I usually only see them once a week, I have made some wonderful friends. During this morning’s study, the thought came up about being “givers”…not just giving our money but giving our time and sharing with others the abundance of all that we have been blessed with ourselves. It really tied in perfectly to what I was thinking about yesterday…it seems that every time the Lord is trying to teach me something, it usually takes several days and several different avenues to accomplish it (I must be a slow learner).

So, still pondering the thought of looking beyond….I wanted to introduce a group of very special friends I met at a woman’s conference several months ago. This conference was specifically to help women with their speaking and/or writing skills and endeavors and I was super excited when I originally registered to attend. However, as the time grew closer, I became more insecure and nervous about going. My goodness, how God richly blessed me at that conference. I was able to meet a friend I had only known previously through her blog. There was an instant friendship and I was so happy to have someone to start the conference with me. We chose a table for the opening meeting and one by one, God began to fill that table – one we thought we had chosen by chance – with amazing women. Amazing, not just because of their love for the Lord but also because each one was allowing God to use her life experiences (some similar to mine and some very different) to better serve Him. We all instantly felt connected…it was a wonderful weekend.

From that group came the View From the Front Porch…a blog specifically about serving God by serving others.

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  1. Hi Jennifer ~
    Beautiful post. I really enjoyed reading about your experience at the conference. I’m glad that God has allowed you to meet and fellowship with a group of other christian women. My husband and I attend a Bible study on Wednesday night at one of our church member’s home. It’s just a sweet sweet time to fellowship and to share God’s Word with one another.

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