Good Monday Morning 02.14.22

Happy Monday – and Happy Valentine’s Day!  We had a “love”ly weekend…even though it did include some snow.  It was only a dusting and the two days beforehand were hints of spring!  I cannot complain.  We had a great evening out with friends on Saturday and then I enjoyed plenty of Valentine’s fun with my Junior Church kiddos yesterday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well – and that today is the beginning of a “sweet” week, too!!

I hope you will come back on Wednesday when I share a couple of soups that I have been enjoying lately.  Whether I like it or not, soup weather is here for several more weeks.  I’m going to make those weeks tasty!  For today, this is quite possibly one of the most amazing verses on love……

Romans 5:8 “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

3 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 02.14.22

  1. Amen to Romans 5:8…one of THE BEST verses ever! So glad you had a great weekend and I trust a Happy Valentine’s Day today! Soups? I made one on Saturday to take to our church Agape Pot Luck luncheon. It’s called “Brunswick Stew”, which is an old Georgia recipe. The old timers used to put rabbit or squirrel or venison or who knows what in it, but I used ground beef and some ground pork sausage. The idea is to cook the meat, add chopped onion, celery, potatoes, canned tomatoes, and canned or frozen mixed vegetables with lima beans, corn, carrots, peas, green beans or whatever you like. Then add a bottle of Barbeque Sauce to the liquid (I did also add some water with the canned tomatoes too) and let it simmer slow in a crock pot all day or you can hurry it up a bit if it is for lunch, like I did. I cooked it in my crockpot on high (after I had already browned the meat and poured off all the grease in a different pan before adding all the vegies, etc.) Serve with some corn bread, and you’ve got a good meal!! My large 7 qt. crock pot was full when I went there, and it came home empty. Everyone loved it. I thought, great! I was just cleaning out my freezer and they thought it was good! LOL. Have a great day!!

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