Ten on the Tenth – Turning My Thoughts Towards Love

Yes, time for another Ten on the Tenth.  Answering ten questions posed by either my friend, Leslie, or her friend (a new to me blogger), Marsha.  This month’s questions are – not surprisingly – inspired by Valentine’s Day and are all about love.   I considered not joining this month.  I seem to be at my fill of pink hearts, roses, and other thoughts and posts about Valentine’s Day.  But, who am I to be a scrooge….so please indulge me in one more love-themed post.

It seems each month I tend to struggle with one or two (or ten) of these questions.  I might combine a few and/or omit one or two…which I typically do and still seems to work.  Enough said.  Let’s get into the questions. And, you will quickly a theme with the questions:)

1 – Something that you absolutely loved about 2021 and something you would love to accomplish in 2022?  The past year was one best described as average.  Very vanilla.  If not a bit boring.  Not quite as stressful as 2020 but I had expected much more.  Definitely not a lot to “absolutely love” but it sure was wonderful seeing our son step off that airplane when he came home for Christmas.  (Funny side story….we didn’t see him actually walk off the plane.  In fact, we had to wait outside the airport because we did not have any masks.  We rarely have need of a mask and had completely forgotten about the requirement for one at the airport…so we were the crazy ones waiting in the parking lot.  Jumping and waving our arms so he would know which way to go.)  Alaska seems so incredibly far away and his being here (along with several other things) made Christmas 2021 one of our best in a very long time!  In 2022, I would love to be able to travel a bit.  We hope to visit Alaska.  I would love to get away for my birthday and we would like to go on vacation.  Who knows if any of that will happen, but if we head to the airport, I will definitely remember a mask!:)

2 – What food do you love and would love to have on a regular basis?  Just last night, after our salad and a sandwich dinner, I told my husband, “I could eat a grilled cheese sandwich every day!”  And I could.  If it, of course, was on sunflower wheat bread and made with provolone cheese!  I also love homemade mac and cheese but don’t think I could eat it every day.  Obviously, cheese is a winner in my book.  And I love (LOVE) trail mix as well as yogurt and granola.  Yes, I could eat those every day.

3 – What fashion trend do you love?  I’m not super up-to-date on fashion trends but I really do love the fashion from the ’40s.  The A-line skirts.  The belted dresses.  The suit jackets and the blouses with ties.  All of it just looks lovely in my opinion.  Even the girls in their Rosie the Riveter denim overalls looked feminine and polished.  It was before my time but I would not mind at all if those trends returned.  A second fashion question was what do you love more: shoes, handbags, belts, or coats?  Clearly, I am not your fashion girl.  I am much more practical than, shall we say, impulsive when it comes to purchasing shoes or bags.  I hate shoe shopping.  None of the cute shoes fit my feet.  Too discouraging.  I also struggle to find handbags that I really like.  And I definitely do not wear belts.  However, when I was considering this question and what I may (or may not) have way more of than I possibly need…..I knew immediately.  Cardigans.  For sure and for certain.  So many cardigans.

4 – What season do you love most?  Well, it definitely is not winter.  LOL  I think spring (very closely followed by summer).  I do not mind the heat at all.  Spring edges out summer simply because it is so refreshing after the months of winter.  Everything about spring – the blooms, the grass turning green, getting back into the flowerbeds, enjoying mornings on the patio and afternoons on the porch again….all of it! – just makes my soul feel happy again!

5 – What is your love language?  I am assuming this question refers to the five original love languages introduced by Dr. Chapman (back in the ’90s): words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and gift-giving/receiving.  I receive love “best” through words of affirmation and I show love most/best through quality time.

6 – If you could be with a loved one who has passed, who would it be and what would you do?  The easiest question ever.  My sweet Tyler!  (If you are new here, you can read more about our son under the tab above.)  I would spend quality time of course.  He could tell me all that I can only imagine and all that awaits us in Heaven.  All that so far exceeds everything that I often feel he is missing out on here.  I am grateful for the certainty of Heaven, of eternity and the reality of a grand reunion one day!!

Not exactly Ten on the Tenth.  I did combine a few – so I think there were eight.  And, well, today is the 11th.  Does this even qualify?  Either way, let me know in the comments something you love or are loving….or maybe that special loved one you look forward to seeing again someday.  I would love to hear it.  (I couldn’t resist!)

6 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth – Turning My Thoughts Towards Love

  1. I am right there with you on the cheese!! I sure hope you make it Alaska. I want to go because I have seen pictures of its beauty. I can imagine how much more you want to go since your son lives there. I think about your son Tyler every time I read your blog. You are an amazing example to me of gracious, God filled living despite tragedy.

    1. Maria, thank you so much….one of the nicest compliments I’ve received – especially while blogging. And, my goodness, it makes my heart smile to think that you are reminded of and thinking about my sweet buddy whenever you stop by!!:)

  2. I wish I could wave a wand and give you time back with your son. And the same for my sister. Andrew would have been 24 in January. We miss him every day.

    How could I have forgotten cheese and trail mix and love love love some granola. And salad, and chocolate and the soup I mentioned. Mmmm.

    I agree with you on the great looks of the 40s. My mom had some lovely suits. Very pretty tweed skirts. And the jumpsuits were adorable. Long ago, I wore my (ex) husband’s Army mechanic jumpsuit paired with a pink metallic belt and heels. Just for fun. Fell in love with the look. Just found a very similar jumpsuit at Lucky Brand clothing store and bought it on sale. Haven’t worn it yet but hope to this weekend. The Greatest Generation had it all together!!

  3. Oh yum; I just love provolone cheese in my grilled cheese! I do eat yogurt and granola just about every day (unless I run out though I try very hard neve to let that happen). I too have been caught without a mask quite a few times this past year and have taken to keeping a pile of them in my trunk in a little lidded container “just in case.” I hope you get to make it to Alaska!

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