Happy Monday!  I’m a bit late this morning…but happiest Good Morning wishes just the same.  I actually totally forgot to get my post up today.  I completely blame it on this!  Yes, snow!  After all the hints of spring last week, we had a full day of snow on Saturday (not impressed!)  My system – and my brain – must have been frozen in shock.  But it is Monday.  A new day and a new week – and forecasts that assure me that Saturday was “a prank” and spring is returning!!  Whatever your weather, I pray this week ahead holds some extra blessings for you.  And maybe a couple of daffodils – I saw some in our neighborhood!  I hope you will come back on Wednesday. I plan to have another “Flashback” post.

“For, lo, the winter is past……” Song of Solomon 2:11a

8 Replies to “Good Monday Morning 03.14.22”

  1. Yup, your yard looks similar to what ours did after Friday night! I’m so glad ours is fully gone after today. Our house faces north, so we always have a patch in our yard and on the front half of our roof that takes longer to melt. It got up to sixty five here today, so it’s gone now! I actually enjoyed being “snowed in” on Saturday and got lots of good things done. I hope you had a great day, sweet friend!

  2. Yep! Our weather has been like that too. We got two snowstorms last week and then this week it’s supposed in the 60’s again and maybe even reach 70 by Friday. I can not wait.

  3. We got the same bit of snow as well. I wish we could have daffodils here, but the deer simply will not allow it. I am quite envious of all the gorgeous photos of yellow sunshine in flower form. Thanks for sharing, I think. 😉

    1. Hope your snow has vanished – just like mine! Good-bye (and good riddance!) Have a great week, Susanne!

  4. I hope to see our daffodils soon! We had snow, too, Friday and into Saturday. Fortunately, hardly any stuck to the ground. But Saturday sure was cold. Happy Tuesday morning! I am late to reading and writing this week ;).

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