Good Monday Morning 07.04.22

No real post this morning….just wanted to pop on and wish all of my USA readers and friends a very happy Fourth of July!  Have a safe day and a fun day celebrating our country’s birthday!:)  We had a special service and fellowship at church last night (and I took some cupcakes!  Red, white and blue is only better with a bit of chocolate added!!)  Today I think we will stay home.  Have some family over and do a bit of grilling.  We rarely use the grill anymore (for just the two of us) so today is a good day to make it worth keeping!  Later, we will “hide” in the basement with the dog in order to dampen the noise that apparently terrifies her.  This is something new for her.
However you celebrate….enjoy!  And don’t forget to take a few minutes and pray for this country.  So much of what makes this country special – even great – is being threatened and even destroyed.  It is scary, worrisome, discouraging, and sad.  But there is still much to celebrate!  Much for which we can be grateful.  So, eat all the burgers and chips.  And maybe a few cupcakes.  And I hope your day includes a few chocolate sprinkles.  Just for fun!!

6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 07.04.22

  1. Chocolate enhances everything! I hope tonight’s celebrations didn’t cause your dog too much anxiety. Happy Birthday, America (love celebrating our country but why do some fireworks have to be so LOUD?!).

  2. I do hope that the fireworks didn’t cause too much distress, it’s so sad to see them upset when you can’t explain to them what is happening.
    America does seem to be hitting the world’s headlines a lot at the moment and not always in a good way. It feels as if time is being turned backwards in some ways.
    Hope you enjoyed your 4th July celebrations!

  3. I did find myself saying silent prayers on the 4th. I am just finishing up a political book – which I almost never read – and wish I hadn’t gotten this one from the library. But it is informative, as well as saddening. Just a couple of more days and I will be done. Being well informed is a citizen’s duty, but it isn’t necessarily an easy one these days. I hope your 4th was fun, and that the pup did okay with the noise.

  4. Thank you! We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend filled with family and fireworks. I hope you did as well (and that the pup did okay with the noise!).

  5. I hope your Independence Day celebrations were great and the dog did as well as they could trying to “ride out” the fireworks. We gave our dog calming pills (not with CBD but lavendar, melatonin and the like, specifically made for dogs. It did help him compared to last year. Still anxious but not as much. I like those cupcakes you made and brought to church . I am sure they were delicious and much appreciated. Our pastor did a great sermon on Sunday from 2 Chronicles 7:14. He broke it all down to relevance of how we need to be praying and living these days and is hoping (and praying) for a great revival (which we are too). Our country definitely needs to turn towards God!


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