Saying Good-bye


Last week, we said goodbye to our sweetest pup, Bailey.  You have to be a dog lover – and especially a dog mom (or a dog Mimi) to really appreciate the emotion attached to that goodbye.  Truthfully, I do not consider myself a “dog person” and I am actually afraid – at the least, quite intimidated – by dogs.  But, my goodness, Miss Bailey wrapped herself around my heart…just as she did just about everyone.  The story of how Bailey joined our family is a bit complicated and twisted – and not all the details are mine to share.  But (truthfully) it was through a “friend of a friend.”  Someone came to his work and asked him to take this puppy but he already had two pit bulls.  And lived in an apartment.  He just could not take a third dog and he turned her down.  However, when he got off work, there she was – tied to the bumper of his truck!!:(  So pitiful.  Of course, he brought her home but could not keep her.  And, well, long story short – that sweet discarded puppy finally landed with our daughter….and became a princess!!
Boy, oh boy, could that pup ever get into some trouble!  She was the naughtiest one…but loved beyond measure and ever indiscretion somehow overlooked and eventually forgotten.  She brought so much joy to our home.  She has been my daughter’s world for the last 14 (and a bit more….we are not sure) years!  Has helped her through really hard days and was the epitome of a faithful companion!  She was treated for cancer – not once, or twice but three times.  Even had one toe removed but always bounced back like a puppy!  This last time, the cancer was just too swift.  Thankfully, she was only “sick” for about two weeks.  Oh, but such a hard two weeks.  We are so thankful for such compassionate and caring doctors and technicians who were available at all hours to help my daughter.  To give medical help and advice and, especially, to simply listen.  They really were so kind and comforting.
Every dog owner knows what joy pups bring to our lives.  Bailey was no exception.  Just so much joy!  And no a big hole….but we are so grateful for all the joy.  All the treats.  All the walks.  All the sloppery messes.  And all the love!




15 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye

  1. you paint a beautiful picture of bailey, you always have , bailey was very blessed to have you all as her family…so sorry for all your heartache . . .

  2. Oh Jennifer I am so sorry to hear you said good-bye to your precious pup, Bailey! She was adorable! I am a hopeless dog lover. I said good-bye to my dear Golda 3 years ago, and I still miss her desperately every day. I have not gotten another dog because I don’t want to feel that pain again, yet I do miss having one.
    May the beautiful memories of Bailey continue to bring joy to your heart, especially on the hard days.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I really appreciate your understanding and kind comment. Always blessed when you stop by!

  3. Always such a sad thing to have to say goodbye to a furry member of our family. Bailey sounded like a great member of your family too! They leave such a deep hole in our hearts when they are no longer there. We lost our first corgi to cancer 12/23/2014 after he had been in a 4 year remission. To this day I still cry when I think about him. Bailey left behind a wonderful legacy of love to those who were fortunate to have her in their lives.


  4. Jennifer, I feel so bad you had to say goodbye to Bailey. Such a sweet little pup. I have a beagle named Little Girl, she has epilepsy and has to take medication daily. We take care of each other. Thank you for sharing your heart with us today. Blessings.

    1. “We take care of each other” – oh, you are so right!! Glad that you stopped by, Paula, and thank you for your comment!

  5. A sweet tribute to a loving friend and companion- Your family gave him a good life and it sounds like he gave a lot of love in return. I hope that despite the loss of Bailey you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

    1. Thanks, Maria! I’m glad you stopped by today…and hope your holiday weekend is a good one!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this news. They add so much joy to our lives and it hurts so much to say goodbye. It sounds like your family have given him the best life in the years that he was with you, and he loved you all just as much as you loved him. Sending hugs across the ocean to you x

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