Good Monday Morning 08.14.23

Happy Monday….and Happy Birthday to my baby brother.  My only brother and the younger one – but only by 18 months. That is him – back in the day.  He was pretty stinkin cute:) Today is his birthday and, while I don’t think he reads my blog, today seemed like the perfect time to not only wish him all the happiest wishes but also to “say a few words” about this best brother of mine.  So, here are three things about my brother, Scott.

1 – He is very faithful…as in devoted.  He is a faithful friend and he is, especially, devoted to his family.  He has two boys and, although, they are grown (in their young 20’s), he is generous and extremely self-sacrificing for them.  He is divorced but he is also very kind and considerate of the boys’ mother.  Very little of all he does is ever acknowledged or appreciated, in my humble opinion, but it does not go unnoticed.

He was also very devoted to our family and to our parents.  In each of their last years, he really stepped in and took much more of the responsibility for supporting them when I was not able to do so.  I am forever grateful for that truth.  He is also quite devoted to a non-profit that services and supports children and families in Viet Nam living with the affects of agent orange.

2 – He is very smart.  Not only he is well educated, but he has an amazing memory.  His ability to read something and then remember all the details never fails to impress me.  I so enjoy having conversations with him.  He never makes me feel dumb (although I often feel like a dummy) and takes the time to explain things and fill in the gaps for me.  I so appreciate that.  I actually feel as if I’m having an intelligent conversation when we have the time to chat – hooray for me:)  He has traveled extensively and I really enjoy when he shares experiences/lessons from around the world.

3 – He was amazing earlier this year when things were challenging, and truthfully just so hard, for me physically.  And mentally.  Having a strong and compassionate support system makes all (ALL) the difference and I am so grateful for my family.  All of them – including my brother.  He was there from day one.  Cooking. Keeping me company. Bringing the flowers.  He loves fresh flowers!  And then cooking some more.  We have not always lived as close as we do now and who knows how long that will continue – he moves a lot! – but I sure am enjoying these days that we can see each often and, as well, we can easily be there for each other.  He certainly was there for me!

I hope he has an amazing day.

He hope he knows how much he is loved.

And I pray that today is the start of a great year ahead!!

18 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 08.14.23

  1. Happy Birthday to your brother. He sounds like a wonderful guy. I’m so glad he’s close by and that you are getting this time with him. I hope both of you have a great day.

  2. its so good to know more about your brother … very sweet …you know you are a lot like him in many ways ,,,you look like him too …so glad for you to have him blessing your life the way he does…

  3. I like your new blog design! Very nice and polished looking. I enjoyed reading your kind tribute to your brother on his birthday. I think you’re both fortunate to have each other. I hope that you two continue to live close to each other so that you can there for each other in good times and bad.

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet birthday tribute, and all the nice things you had to say about me! It made my day all the more special!!(You see, sometimes I do read your blog. Ha!) I’m grateful for your kind comments and for the wonderful friendship we have. It is indeed a blessing that we live close to each other, which for so long wasn’t the case. It’s always great when we get together, no matter what we’re doing. Love you!!! ❤️

  5. Thank the Lord for wonderful siblings, right? I wouldn’t want to imagine a world without mine. We are all very close in relationship and talk or text often. I love that you’ve got him close by for now, and that he was such a wonderful help to you this year. What a great guy!

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