A Friday Chat Over Coffee

Happy Friday!  I hope it has been a good week – perhaps with an unexpected blessing or two.  How nice it would be to have coffee so I could hear about your week.  But that’s not practical.  Nevertheless, “let’s have coffee” blog style.  So come on in.

This was the view of the backdoor this morning.  The sun is in such a pretty spot this time of year, although it seems like I say that often throughout the seasons.  Honestly, I just love the morning sun… wherever it streams in!  We would probably take our coffee to the patio because there has been a bit of break in the weather (aka low humidity) and it is lovely enough to sit outside.  Speaking of the weather, if we were having coffee, I would ask you about Monday’s storm!  My goodness, what a wild one.  One minute it was sunny…and the next, it was not.  The winds were ferocious.  We neglected to take our patio umbrella down.  The wind broke it in two (luckily we did not pay too much for it) and the falling umbrella knocked our table over breaking it in a couple places.  The table, on the other hand, is not one we can replace any time soon and we are trying our best to repair it enough to last for a bit longer.  So please overlook that chipped side of the table while we enjoy coffee!

But do notice the crape myrtle bush.  (Is it crape myrtle or crepe myrtle where you live?)  I guess this would be considered a bush.  Definitely not a tree but, well, you can see for yourself.  It blooms beautifully every year but this year, especially, it is just covered in blooms.  The pink petals (that all came off in the storm) do stain the patio and can be problematic, but we are willing to deal with that because she is just such a pretty thing!!:)

We actually have two of these.  The one on the other side of the patio has three little blooms on it and they have not even opened yet.  Something about this particular corner is “just right” for a crape myrtle.  By the way, the tree out front that I thought was not going to bloom again – well, it did.  It is looking quite lovely as well.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you had been to Hobby Lobby lately.  I had not until yesterday.  I went there looking for a birthday gift…and remembered I needed a baby gift as well once I was walking around.  They had three aisles of “spring clearance” and everything was 75 percent off!  Perfect timing for me.  I found a birthday and picked up baby gift as well.  I thought this picture here was sweet and really seems like it will suit the new mama’s style.  Now to find a way to wrap it!

Gifts out of the way, I wandered around and found a picture for myself as well.  Of course I did:)  Apparently, according to Youtube (lol!) signs with writing – words, sayings, quotes, declarations of sweet tea, etc. – are a bit passe.  Who knew?  But now that “they” mentioned it, I have noticed that I have quite a few of said, out of fashion signs.  Maybe a few too many.  I don’t know. But some of my wall décor has needed some refreshing anyways so I am trying to buy a couple new things.  Things without words.  Not that I would ever be influenced by a random stranger on Youtube!?!

If we were having coffee, I would not be able to linger terribly long.  We are celebrating my brother’s birthday this evening and I would need to get ready.  His birthday is on Monday but tonight works best with everyone’s schedules.  This has been a busy month for birthdays…which is fun but not so helpful with getting this steroid induced weight gain back off.  I just cannot say no to the birthday treat when everyone is celebrating.  I will probably share some yummy dessert tonight.  Again.  Oh my.

But, before you go, let me show you the most random thing inside the house.  In the kitchen.  In the refrigerator actually – lol!!  When I was at Hobby Lobby, I picked up some plastic placemats (that were fifty cents!) and yesterday, I relined my refrigerator shelves with them.  The full refrigerator scrub down was a added bonus.  Do you line your refrigerator shelves?  Excuse a photo of my refrigerator contents but these lined shelves just make me smile.  The fact that there are cute piggies greeting me every time I open the door to stare and wonder if anything new has appeared for my next snack….well, that was not planned but it sure does seem appropriate!!

I suppose, I should let you go.  I hope I haven’t talked your ear off.  I want you to come again soon.  Just set your coffee cup in the sink.  I have the best Mr. Dishwasher:)  Have a great weekend my friends!

11 thoughts on “A Friday Chat Over Coffee

  1. I love crepe myrtles…gorgeous plants!
    I would love a good rainstorm about now! Horribly hot and dry here.
    Have a fun weekend!

    1. Would be wonderful if we could share our weather patterns….always seems to be raining where it is wet and no rain where it is parched and dry!

  2. Pretty flowers! Placemats in the fridge? This I have not heard of but it sounds like a good idea. Have fun celebrating your brother’s birthday. Birthday and treats are the best and you should enjoy the latter with no regrets ;). Have a great weekend!

  3. Enjoyed reading your post so much! We call them crepe myrtles here, I love them though I just read they are invasive? Not sure about that. My dad had one at my childhood home that he never pruned and that thing was almost past the windows to the roof. Always been a bit sad I never took a cutting of it with me once my parents passed. We’re getting on and off rainstorms here this morning though the cool down is nice after some crazy hot days. And what a great idea to line the fridge with placemats! A Hobby Lobby visit needs to be on my list of places to go soon. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your brother’s birthday and a great weekend.

  4. Are those piggies on your fridge mats? Oh, my goodness!! Too cute. I have used plastic placemats in my refrigerator for a number of years but they are stiff and kind of hard to cut. I love your piggies and would love to find some of my own. Hobby Lobby, here I come…

    Crepe Myrtle over here. But when I saw your spelling, I immediately thought I had been spelling it wrong for a lifetime. Glad to know there are 2 right ways!! And your bush is thriving. I have a bougainvillea that I am trying to coaxes some blooms out of with zero luck so far. We finally had rain last night…it has been so long. Hoping maybe what I can’t do with pruning and Epsom salts around the bush, God can do with a little rain.

    Good job on the gift. It is very sweet. I am sure the parents will love it. I don’t give much heed to what is popular or on trend house decorating-wise. My house is full of dark heavy furniture against dark caramel walls – a look that might have been somewhat popular 2 decades ago. But it is home to me. And lots of ‘signs’ and family photos!!

    1. So glad you stopped by, Leslie! Your comments always put a smile on my face! Hooray for having rain last night!! Hope that bougainvillea is blooming soon! Happy Monday, sweet friend!!

  5. I love the idea of lining the refrigerator shelves with placemats. Yours look so cute. I need to clean and wipe my shelves too. Thanks for the blog visit and enjoy the week.

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