Good Monday Morning 09.25.23

Hello Monday!  This is a better late than never post.  I am running a bit behind on this Monday morning.  Not necessarily in a bad way, I have actually been quite productive this morning; however, there were several things (more than normal) I wanted to get done in order to “reset” for my week.  Blogging is definitely on the list but just was not at the very top of the list.  I considered skipping today but I (not only) did that on Wednesday but I also wanted to recap the weekend.  So, if just for my own memory’s sake, here a few highlights from the weekend.

A friend’s visit.  My friend that moved to North Carolina over the summer was in town for a visit.  She had a few days off from school and chose to head back this way.  She visited her class from last year as well as a lot of friends.  We had dinner on Friday night.  The restaurant was so incredibly loud…as in, obnoxiously loud.  We were not at a club or a bar but there were several tables that were laughing, talking, yelling, etc. etc. so loudly…which only made everyone else need to scream at each other.  We did our own “talking extremely loudly” at our table which was annoying – but it was great to see my friend.  The restaurant did, eventually, quiet down (after two particular tables left) but we were exhausted by then – ha!!  All that to say, I am so grateful for friends who make the effort to stay connected – even when miles come between you.

A tropical storm.  Not exactly news-worthy, but we did have the outskirts of Tropical Storm Ophelia blanket us on Saturday.  So much rain.  However, we were snug:)  But I am thankful for protection.  A warm house….and a dry house.  It can be easy for me to take those blessings for granted.  Sad but true.  The sun is still hesitant to reappear and it is an overcast Monday but I am expressing my gratitude this morning.

A new ministry opportunity.  I was asked to help on the leadership team for the Bible study I attend each Tuesday.  It was completely unexpected but, nevertheless, I was very excited.  I met with the team of ladies as we discussed the start of the semester and made plans, etc.  Again, I just never imagined this door opening.  Totally a God sent open door and I am so thankful.  And excited:)  (The first day is tomorrow!)

The children’s program.  Last night, at church, the Junior Church kiddos had an end of summer program and small party.  Yes, we are a bit late with the end of summer.  We usually try to coincide this with the start of school; however, several conflicts on the calendar pushed us until just now.  But that’s ok….more time with the older ones who have now officially graduated out of Junior Church.  (hugest sigh on my part!)  The older girls wrote and “performed” a skit for the class yesterday morning.  Then, last night, we played a review type game (called One Bad Apple) in front of the church – highlighting the lessons we learned throughout the summer.  Those kiddos are such a joy and working with them each Sunday is a highlight of my week!!

Curly hair.  Thanks for following along this far.  I know these highlights mean much more to me than anyone reading…but this last one really is a “note to self.”  I stopped wearing my wig this weekend.  Ok, well, for the most part.  I did wear it to church yesterday.  My class has no idea about this incredibly short hair I am rocking just now.  And, yes, it is short but it is growing.  And it is curly.  Or incredibly wavy.  It is usually like that but I flatiron to death.  Who knows, maybe I can just go with these waves.  Ha.  But just a reminder of how far I have come.  Hair grows back.  Strength returns.  Healing takes place.  And God is oh so faithful!

Have a beautiful Monday….and a wonderful week ahead!!

10 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 09.25.23

  1. Fun post to read- glad you made the time to do it though I certainly understand that blogging falls low on the list (I plan to post a weekend recap today but it may not happen, lol). Your friend´s visit sound nice- minus the loud restaurant. Congrats on the new ministry role. That is exciting but as for me, though I don´t know you in person at all, am not shocked that you were asked to be in a leadership role. Your faithfulness, wit, and caring attitude shine through in your writing and I´m sure they are just as evident in real life.

  2. We’re still getting rain– it has been nearly 3 days of rainy dreary weather and boy did it bring some chilly winds with it this time. I was so thankful to not really have to go anywhere though and enjoy staying snug and dry inside. It sounds like a lovely (if loud!) visit with your friend. Yay for your hair growing back; that is a huge and happy milestone.

  3. Such beautiful colour in your picture.
    September is often a glorious month.
    However, I think here in the UK our weather will be on the change because we have Storm Agnes approaching.

    All the best Jan

  4. How lovely that you have the opportunity to start a new project – I am sure you will be enjoying all the planning for a new beginning.
    Was your throat sore after all that shouting at the restaurant? It makes you wonder how some people manage to be so loud just talking doesn’t it!
    Pleased to hear that your hair is returning, a sure sign that your chapter of treatment has come to an end and your body is recovering – embrace those curls!

  5. Welcome to curly hair! It’s fun, it’s unpredictable and it has a mind of its own 🙂 I’m always amazed at the way our hair changes with our body’s situations. My oldest son went through some health issues a few years back and his hair got very curly during that time. Speaking of skipping blog days…I’ve been way behind, but always enjoy catching up on everyone else’s blog in the meantime. Have a great week!

  6. the color s in your picture are spectacular!! ophelia was with us for several days, sat right on top of us, i used the time to get some inside chores done!! i think friends are friends forever…or maybe not friends at all!!

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