Highlight This Memory: A New Thing

Happy Wednesday! We are almost at month’s end.  September is always a full month for us and this year was no exception.  There have been quite a few celebrations and several moments worth highlighting, but I chose yesterday’s Bible study.  I mentioned earlier that I was asked to join the leadership team which was such an unexpected blessing.  I’m heading up the monthly luncheons for the ladies – hooray for me!:)  Yesterday was the first day of this semester’s study.  We had 24 ladies there – with three more expected next week!  Getting things ready before everyone arrived made for a busy morning since I do not attend this church and was not sure where are the supplies and such were located.  I am grateful for a sweet friend who arrived early to help me.

I am never a fan of “the first day” of anything.  After everything was arranged and settled, the introvert in me was screaming to make a quick exit.  My brain just needs to reset.  Without a crowd.  I, of course, did not leave.  That would not have been the best impression on the first day – lol.  And it was a great morning.  Once it is over, I am always grateful to meet the new ladies and to have opportunity to reconnect with friends I have not seen all summer.  Really, I love it all…..and just need to hush that inner introvert sometimes.  Often, actually.

All that to say, I am very grateful: to join such a sweet group of ladies who lead these study, for the upcoming study of the book of Hebrews, for each lady, many who were new to Bible study, who joined us, and for the chance to do something I so enjoy in a ministry capacity.  So, this month’s highlighted photo is a bit different.  I did take a few pictures yesterday morning but I don’t feel at liberty to share all the smiling faces.  But, we did have fun with the door prizes.  This pictures of pretty prizes all wrapped up in bows….well, it sums up my feelings about the entire morning!  Happy Wednesday, friends!!



6 thoughts on “Highlight This Memory: A New Thing

  1. How exciting for you to step into this new role. Sounds like you’re the right person for the job; serving all those ladies instead of doing what felt “comfortable” in the moment. They are blessed to have you leading them. I look forward to hearing more about your Bible Study. Hebrews is such a rich book!

  2. Hi Jennifer 🙂 It sounds like a wonderful opportunity and a great place to form friendships. I’ve been praying about either joining or starting some kind of fellowship. We’ll see what the Lord brings about.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Hi Jennifer~ I’m an introvert as well, so I completely understand the “first” thing. It does sound like an amazing opportunity to meet with wonderful women and study the scriptures! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and I’m sure that the next time won’t be so hard! Have a wonderful week-end! Hugs, Barb

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