Good Monday Morning 10.23.23

Happy Monday and today is 10.23.23 – that has to mean something, right?  Ok, maybe not but it looks fun!  I’m running a bit behind this morning and should have finished this this post much sooner than this morning but we got home later than expected last night.  Being a true morning person, my brain does not work in complete sentences after a certain hour in the evening and, therefore, is completely incapable of completing a blog post.  It did not happen last night.  I’m okay with that.  We went into the city last night.  We had dinner across the street from this building.

It is the Waldorf Astoria. Formerly, the Trump Hotel.  And, before that, the original Post Office Building.  It is the second tallest building in the city (next to the Monument) and, in my opinion, is just the prettiest building in the city!  My photo does not do it justice (as is the case with most of my pictures)!  The restaurant across from it is called the Elephant and Castle and serves delicious British pub fare.  Think fish & chips, bangers & mash, shepherd’s pie and the Sunday roast.  Yes, we had all of that at our table:)  I also took my first try at a scooter.  I have heard horror stories of “old people” on these city modes of transportation and have been, well, intimidated.  Not to worry – no one was injured, they were super easy to handle, and are a lot of fun!  We did not go far last night but will have more fun next time!  Thankfully, no photos/videos of that part of the evening!

The morning sun has been so pretty – even prettier than usual – lately!  Pardon the random photos as I finish off this post and a few more thoughts about the weekend:)

Worth remembering – We had our annual scripture assembly project on Thursday and Friday.  There is a morning and an evening session each day.  Each session is two hours.  During the eight hours of working together, our church family assembled just over 27,000 John and Romans booklets!  That is quite a few scriptures!  These particular scriptures will be headed to Honduras and it is rather exciting to consider the potential impact they can have on lives, churches, communities and even that country….and I had a (very small) part in that!

Food for thought – Yesterday, we had a chili lunch after our morning service.  I did not bring chili but I did make a dessert.  It was a layered pumpkin dessert called Pumpkin Lush.  It was a big hit and I would definitely recommend if you need just one more pumpkin something this season:)

Something to share – It is hard to imagine how many people and/or people groups have never had, or been able to read, a part (or even a small part) of the Bible in their own language.  I have heard estimates anywhere from 40 up to 50 percent of the world’s population.  It is staggering to consider when I have multiple Bibles.  Plenty of Bibles. Most people I know have multiple Bibles or certainly have access to them.  Thinking about that, along with many blessings (spiritual and otherwise) I enjoy and often take for granted – has been very humbling to me these past few days.  Truly, I need to live more mindful and with much more gratitude!!

One thing I would change –  I would pay closer attention to the train fare.  The fare is a flat fee all weekend.  For all trips.  Who knew??  And is about one third the price that we loaded onto our fare cards.  Grrrr.  The cards don’t expire and we will have the fare for next time but did I really need to spend all that extra money last night??  No.  Lesson learned.  I would also relax a little more.  Well, I would try.  Grab a scooter and have some fun! I would also NOT order dessert.  I was convinced that I was going to “allow” myself one dessert since finishing my sugar free challenge.  We ordered the bread pudding after dinner last night.  We shared it. Yes, it was delicious.  But it also immediately made my stomach hurt.  I really think I’m fine with sugar free.  Just fine.

Have a wonderful week ahead.  Do something spontaneous and fun!  Then, please, let me know about it!:)

9 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.23.23

  1. That building is so pretty! And, you are right, pictures rarely do any building justice. Still, I am grateful for their approximation especially when people share their pictures since I have been to so few (relative) places in my life. I love seeing other things, buildings, monuments etc. via pictures since I can´t see them all in person. The meal sounds delightful but bread pudding does not (just about any other dessert sounds good to me!)- sorry that your stomach hurt. Very impressed that you want to continue doing sugar free. Also very impressed about your scooter ride. How FUN, friend! Have a great Monday!

    1. Maria – thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday to you…hope you have a good one! If you are ever in our nation’s capital, you need to stop by that hotel. Even if for a cup of coffee. Maybe the most expensive cup of coffee you’ve ever had, but you get the idea:)

  2. Sounds like that restaurant would be a ‘home from home’ for me! Sorry to hear that the dessert was too much for your poor stomach, too much sugar in one hit after a month of none maybe? What a lovely picture of the Waldorf Astoria.
    I have our grandchildren here for two days this week as it is school half term holiday, now I wonder what fun things they can teach me to do 😆

  3. Hello! Lovely photos of a lovely time. Thank you for the pumpkin recipe. I think my mom used to make one like that with chocolate. Have a cozy evening and a wonderful week, my friend.

  4. That building is so pretty and your dinner sounds absolutely delicious. I am definitely going to check out that pumpkin lush recipe; we still don’t have an oven so I am trying to find some desserts that require little to no baking for Thanksgiving this year and that sounds just perfect. I was thinking of whipping up some sort of no-bake pumpkin cheesecake..

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