Good Monday Morning: 10.25.21

Happy Monday!  It was a lovely weekend here…and the new week is off to a sweet start as well.  I was busy enjoying October (and autumn) with friends this past Friday….and totally did not get my usual Friday post finished and uploaded.  Come back tomorrow for that – it is this month’s Share Four Somethings:)

Until then, just thought I would share what the squirrels (or perhaps just one sneaky squirrel) have discovered on our front porch.  Pumpkin pie – without the pie!  Started as a tiny bite but every morning the hole gets larger and larger.  Would be really annoying….if it wasn’t rather cute!!  Honestly, we have been putting pumpkins on the porch for over three decades and we have never had that happen!

Speaking of pumpkin – many thanks to those who reached out and offered suggestions with pumpkin recipes and/or chili recipes.  I have already started trying them!  I will give an update on Friday.  Here’s to a wonderful week ahead….lovin life just as much as our squirrel friend:)

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning: 10.25.21

  1. What a great weekend you had with friends! There’s nothing quite like that…being too busy to remember to blog. I love that your squirrels are feasting on your porch pumpkin! Crazy little things. We have TONS of them in our backyard and they crack open the acorns that fall to the ground so that the dogs can eat the remains. (And later throw them up. I just rolled my eyes.) I can’t wait to hear about your recipes that you’ve been trying! I hope you try that taco soup one I gave you…it’s my favorite! I hope you had a great day, my friend!

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