Good Monday Morning 10.9.23

Good Monday Morning!  I hope it is a beauty of a day where you are – just as it is here!  Thanks for stopping by.  For those of you who came by the blog on Friday, I am sorry if you were expecting a post.  I am, at least for a few weeks, trying a new schedule and am just posting twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays.  I will admit, it felt odd and a bit “wrong” to miss Friday.  It remains to be seen if this change of blog routine is helpful in any way.  Thanks for bearing with me, in the meantime.  That said, you will always find me here on Mondays!  It is not secret that I love Mondays!

I just had a few thoughts to share but thought you might enjoy some photos that my brother took the other day.  He was hiking in Rock Creek Park – which is actually a 1,754 acre park right in the city.  It has been called “a gem in our nation’s capital” and I think you might agree when you see these pretty pictures.  Now about the weekend…..



Something to remember – I need regular heart screenings while I continue treatment.  Apparently, the potential side-effect of the medicine I am receiving is heart damage.  (So much I could say here but will stick with “no comment.”)  My latest echo was last week and, well, my numbers were better – yes, better – this time than three months ago.  Yes, I have been walking which I know helps but, honestly, to see the numbers not just remain the same but to improve is simply God’s faithfulness to me through this entire thing.  I don’t want to forget that!!



Food for thought –  The name of Microsoft’s new A.I.-powered personal assistant is Copilot.  It has been said that “Copilot will be to the 2020s what the PC was to the 80s, the Web was to the 90s, mobile was to the mid-2000s, and the cloud was to the 2010s.”  Why does this stress me out way more than it excites me??  I was considering a second quote before I chose the first but, after re-reading the afore-mentioned statement, I think it is appropriate to include this truth as well. Heard in our sermon last night:  “I am not simply holding on.  I am being held onto.”  So glad that Christ is still in control!!



Worth sharing – Last night, we had fellowship after church and I brought this apple crisp.  I have a couple recipes for crisp on my Pinterest board so this one was rather randomly chosen.  It proved to be a huge winner.  I put it together at home and actually cooked it at church.  The entire fellowship hall smelled amazing.  I think I want to make it again, at home, just to make my house smell like that!  Some friends and I went to an apple orchard on Friday.  I used the apples we picked that day.  Just so delicious.  Highly recommend you give this one a try!


One thing I would change –  My husband thought it would be a good idea to join our neighborhood fall yard sale next weekend.  I yard sales but he said he would handle it all.  Well, okay.  We now have potential treasures lying all over the dining room floor just waiting to be displayed all over our front lawn in hopes of being discovered (and purchased) by random passersby.  It is as lame as it sounds.  I have no idea how I agreed to this but I would change my mind…if I could.

That’s it for the weekend.  Here’s to a beautiful week ahead.  The temperatures are supposed to drop into the 40s at night this week.  Good-bye summer.  I miss you already!

16 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.9.23

  1. Hi Jennifer 🙂 Your brother’s photos are beautiful! What a treasure to have that beautiful scenery so close!

    I’m glad to hear that your numbers are improving. I know you’ll be glad to be done with all the treatment, when the time comes.

    And oh my goodness, a yard sale! Well…two thoughts…if you do sell something, that’s a bonus. If you don’t, then put it directly in the truck and haul it off, because you obviously don’t need it anymore.

    Have a great week!

  2. You’re right- your brother’s pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing those with us. Praise God that your numbers are improving! I am so glad to hear that, my friend, and that you are walking more these days. It’s been a scary year for you, hasn’t it? God is faithful to carry us through such times! I used to have church potlucks on Sunday nights when I was growing up- they were my favorite! I have so many great memories of running around with my friends on the property playing hide-and-seek with them. I hope you enjoy your day, sweet friend!

  3. Happy Monday Morning- what a beautiful park! And how cool is it that such a big park is in a city. I could see going there a lot and taking pictures. I am so glad to hear that your numbers are improving and that you are feeling God´s care and touch in a challenging season. The apple crisp sounds really good! I love potluck dinners at church. Our church growing up had them about once a month on Sunday evenings and there were the best

  4. These photos are all so beautiful! I loathe yard sales.. I think I tried one or twice and both times realized very quickly that the little money made was not worth my time and effort. Good luck!! So glad to hear your numbers are improving though that is one scary side effect.

  5. What beautiful photos.
    I don’t like to have yard sales either.
    Good to hear your numbers are getting better.

  6. Hello, my friend! I am happy to hear your numbers are improving! And I have to tell you. I agree. Yard sales are too much work! I hope you have a lovely evening and a cozy week.!

  7. What lovely peaceful photos. Great to hear that your results were showing signs that things are improving health wise – keep doing whatever you are doing!
    AI makes me feel very apprehensive and I don’t know if that is just an age thing of being sceptical of something new or justifiable that we are handing so much over to technology when the human interaction is so important.
    Hope the yard sale goes better than you expect and that you sell most, if not all, of your ‘treasures’ 😉

  8. Beautiful photos, indeed! Well done!
    Technology is beginning to become scary…Jesus! Take the wheel!
    Thanks for the recipe!! Looks yummy!

  9. Thank you for sharing your brother’s photos Jennifer, a very interesting post. We live 25 miles from Washington DC and this will definitely be on our bucket list. We haven’t visited that particular area since I went on a walking tour a few years ago, and I remember Julia Child’s old home being pointed out. Rock Creek Park truly is a gem. I hope your meds will be without the side effects and good to know things are improving for you. These AI programs are very interesting. I have only done a few art projects using them, but my husband uses AI all the time for information, which is given in a split second. Truly amazing! We certainly could do with a yard sale ourselves. I hope yours is a successful one. Wishing you a very happy week and thank you so much for visiting me.

  10. Your brother’s photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing! Yay for numbers that are getting better. Well, how did the yard sale go? Worth it or not? I hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend!

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