Good Monday Morning 11.1.21

Happy November!!  I hope your day, your week, and even your month are all off to a beautiful start!  November is typically the time when our thoughts turn toward gratitude and we begin looking for/listing all of our blessings.  Let’s start today!  I say we start, even this morning, noticing the little things.  The sweetness in the everyday and in the ordinary.  And start allowing gratitude to genuinely make a difference in each day!!

Last Friday’s post was nothing but frustrating – from the technical side.  My text had a complete mind of its own, but I think it has been resolved.  Thank you tech support people!!  If you stopped by over the weekend, you might want to revisit that post.  It reads much easier now.  Just a thought.

As for this week, tomorrow’s post will actually arrive on Wednesday when I share my monthly “Currently” post.  I hope you come back then.  For now, happy Monday!  Just now, I am thankful for: the curtains blowing in my office, the crisp morning air, people who actually understand the tech side of things, and for those who stop by this blog of mine regularly.  You make my day!

One thought on “Good Monday Morning 11.1.21

  1. I love the thought of curtains blowing in the crisp morning air…We actually have had some crisp air here the past few days… I love it so much. Glad you had some tech support to figure things out…that’s probably why I don’t venture out to much beyond my normal ordinary…I have to leave a crumb trail to find my way back when I get lost and confused! LOL. Hope you have a great week, and we will be watching for the mid week “currently” post. Until then, take care and enjoy your days.

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