Good Monday Morning 11.14.22

Happy Monday morning!  Here’s to a new week…and a fresh start.  Goodness, I was on the struggle bus yesterday but I love how Mondays offer us a clean slate and that fresh start feeling.  There is much to be grateful for this morning – even amid some challenges that I know lie ahead.  We sang an old (as in from the 1800s) hymn at church last night.  It was just the reminder I needed heading into this week.  Simply thought I would share it this morning along with a couple of quotes that I read last week during my devotional time.  For whoever might need them this week, I hope they are encouraging.
From We Have an Anchor
Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift, or firm remain?
We have an anchor that keeps the soul
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll,
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep in the Savior’s love.
So thankful for “the Rock” that cannot move and keeps me anchored!!  Strong winds, threatening waves, and full-on storms are part of life and to be expected…but I know I am secure “in the Savior’s love.”  When I forget that truth, anxiety and worry spiral quickly.
“When we choose thankful prayer over….anxiety and worry, we are demonstrating an unwavering trust in God.” – Priscilla Shirer
Thankfulness stops that cycle, or spiral, of worry and anxious thoughts.  I know this, but soon I forget it.
“The thankful heart sees the best part of every situation.  It sees problems and weaknesses as opportunities, struggles as refining tools, and sinners as saints in progress.”  Francis Frangipane
I am, for sure and for certain, “in progress.”:)  And I am daily working on my thankful heart!!  I hope you will visit again later this week – on Wednesday and Friday.  Until then, have a blessed week!

4 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 11.14.22

  1. So good and important to keep in mind. My intellect recognizes these truths- other parts of me need for this to sink in!! Have a great Monday, friend!

  2. Hi Jennifer~ I agree, life will always give you storms, you just need to learn to meet them straight on and lean on the One who knows all, and will help you get through them. I love the words to the song. I’m going to look up the music, it’s beautiful! The quotes are perfect and something I needed to hear today – thank you! Hugs, Barb

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