Back in September, I had a “Which Would You Choose” type post – the fall edition – which was fun.  I enjoyed everyone’s opinions and thought I would do something similar thinking about Thanksgiving.  However, the “this or that” options were pretty standard.  Turkey or Ham? Stuffing or Dressing?  Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?  And, of course, pumpkin pie or pecan pie?  Not super exciting – but, just for the record:  no meat for me, please (I honestly do like Tofu Turkey!  I know, I know.  It sounds rather unappetizing but it is actually quite tasty!); dressing for sure (again, not stuffing any bird around here!); sweet potatoes for this girl (and mashed potatoes for my husband); and, as for pie, I think pecan pie – if I was going to eat pie.  I can take it or leave it (so I usually leave it).
Since that “game” was not especially interesting, I thought  I would share some good old-fashioned “Would You Rather” questions.  Just for some fun….as we turn all our thoughts towards next week!  Before we begin, I would love to know – are you ready?  I have heard so many friends say that they just cannot believe Thanksgiving is only one week away.  They have lots of shopping, planning, and prepping to do.  One more reason I am grateful for our “out to dinner” tradition.  I love Thanksgiving (it is my favorite holiday) and I’m so glad that it is not stressful but simply enjoyable!!  So, those of you making your menu and checking it twice – are you going traditional with all your favorites or will there be any new dishes or recipes on the table??  Let me know in the comments.  And, let’s share some silly Thanksgiving fun.  My answers are in orange.
Would You Rather…..
Rake and bag leaves on Christmas or Shovel snow on Thanksgiving – I don’t want to shovel snow on any day.  At all.  I am not a snow girl and snow on Thanksgiving would be plain miserable!
Have your entire meal with no seasonings or Have every dish oversalted – kinda tricky but unseasoned food is just the worst.  Why bother?
Have only appetizers or Have only desserts?  No contest!
Go sledding or Go ice skating?  Both are winter sports and not really my thing but ice skating really can be fun!  I used to be quite good at skating.  Used to be.
Clean and prep the turkey or Empty and carve a pumpkin?  Pumpkin…obviously:)
Eat cranberry sauce or Eat candied yams?  Ok, this one was tough.  I went with the cranberry sauce but, I will admit, not all cranberry condiments and side dishes are created equal.  But when it is good, it is very, very good!!
Have your birthday always land on Thanksgiving or Christmas?  It wouldn’t bother me at all to have a Christmas birthday.
Cook Thanksgiving dinner or Clean up after dinner?  I’m sure for many years I would have chosen to cook but, in this season of life, having someone else do all the cooking would be a lovely treat!  And I really do not mind restoring order to the kitchen:)
Eat dinner at the kid’s table or Eat dinner at the grown-up’s table?  No commentary necessary:)
Let me know what you think!  And, here’s to a productive week before next Thursday!!

7 Replies to “Would You Rather – Thanksgiving Edition”

  1. Fun post to read- I only agree with one or two of your answers but it was fun to read and think about it. It seems impossible that Thanksgiving is coming up so soon. I won’t be cooking this year- YAH! I can really see how you look forward to your meal out on the big day.

  2. I can remember a few Halloweens with snow so I’ll definitely pick raking leaves! The less snow seen the better I think. I’d pick desserts but only if I could eat them without gaining weight… I have a major sweet tooth! We are having a very traditional meal with all the same dishes I make every year and since it’s just us 5 with my mother in law and maybe my mom & step father we all just sit at one table.

  3. Well, let’s see…I would rather shovel a little snow on Thanksgiving, because in Texas, that would be considered a treat to have snow 🙂

    I would rather have a table of appetizers, because I like “real” food over desserts, most of the time.

    I will never make or stuff a turkey. I tried it once and hated doing it.

    I will take cranberry sauce over yams, every time!

    As for ice skating or snow sledding…I think it would be fun to go sledding, if it was a very controlled environment 🙂

    And, if someone else would come in a do the cooking, I will gladly keep them company and clean up as we go. Cooking doesn’t spark joy in me 🙂

    As far as the grown up table and kid’s tables go, it depends on who has the better conversation going on 🙂

    Have a great week! Thanks for the fun questions 🙂

    1. Oh my – cooking doesn’t spark joy. Now that is my new motto:) More joy…less cooking (which might mean less eating at my house! lol) Glad you stopped by…and had a little fun with me as well!

  4. *I’d rather shovel snow cause leaves take forever and are full of bugs. But I’m only signing up for shoveling snow at someone else’s house who lives far, far away from my house. I’ll be most thankful for no winter at all, thank you very much! 😶‍🌫️
    **No seasoning! Salt = 🤢
    ***Appetizers, cause sugar has betrayed me lately. Although I can’t think of a single appealing appetizer that doesn’t have cheese…I’ll take all of the pineapple, please! That counts as an appetizer if it’s on a cute plate with toothpicks in it!
    ****Sledding, no question. We’ve had this discussion- when it comes to ice skating, y’all have a grand time with that. Dad and I will be ice skating on the inside while we hit a movie.
    *****Is this a serious question? 🎃🎃🎃 🍗=😳☠️🏃‍♀️
    ******Do we have these things?? What on Earth is a candy yam….that sounds like something you tell unsuspecting children to get them to eat their vegetables. Pineapple, please.
    *******Thanksgiving, fo sho. Trying to picture having me and the two younger hellions running downstairs at Mimi and GDaddy’s house on Christmas morning to have Santa and a Christmas tree on one side of the room, Barbie birthday balloons and a pinata on the other. Really not sure if that would’ve been worse for me, them or the adults!
    ********We do Thanksgiving the intelligent way, so sign me up for either of these chores. Either one results in me downstairs watching the Minions movie! 🤓
    *********Kids’ table, no contest. Uncle Scott “scolded me” once when I was little about having my elbows on the table. From that moment on I’ve been forever haunted by nightmares of the adult dinner table.


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