Good Monday Morning 11.21.22

This weekend was the end of Farmer’s Market season.  It seems odd that it actually runs this long, but the last two weekends were, truthfully, perfect market days.  The weather was perfect and the crowds were big.  This weekend?  Not so much.  The weather was chilly.  No, cold.  Not surprisingly, only a small few had farmer’s markets on their agendas.  For sure, all attention has turned to the holidays.  Goodbye market season….and hello holiday season!!  Even for me.  My spirit is slowly starting to build.  I tend to drag into the holiday season.  I’m not a grinch but, in my brain, “the season” means only one thing.  Winter!!  I’m not a fan!

But here’s to the start of a beautiful Thanksgiving week!  The little ones in Junior Church yesterday were just so excited.  Their joy was rather contagious!  And I think they jumpstarted my holly jolly:)  I hope when people spend time in my presence – my attitude is contagious.  And, I pray that attitude is one of joy, or of quiet contentment, or of wonder and gratitude of all God’s goodness.  You get the idea.  That truthfully is my prayer.

I hope you will come back on Wednesday and Friday – and that your Thursday in between the two will include an extra piece of pie.  Or two!  Speaking of pie, tomorrow night is Prayer, Praise and Pie (yes, pie!!) at church.  I’m wanting to take “a new” pie.  At least one new to me.  Any great suggestions?  What is your favorite pie!  It’s not pie but if you need an extra dessert this week – or might want to bless your neighbor or surprise a co-worker – I would suggest Pumpkin Roll.  The trusty recipe right on the pumpkin can or you could use this one (which is super close).  I had a couple of the older Junior Church girls over to the house on Friday and we made these desserts.  What a fun afternoon we had:)  And the pumpkin rolls were delicious!!  Always a hit!  We gifted them at church tonight and received a lot of smiles:)

Happy Monday friends!  Have a beautiful day –

17 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 11.21.22

  1. Good morning! Prayer, Praise and Pie sounds like a fun time! My favorite is pecan, but chocolate pecan would be fun too.

    I tend to drag into the holidays too, but by Thanksgiving I’m usually ready to go full into Christmas mode. The air just seems to change
    and the energy is so holiday-ish, that it’s contagious, as you say.

    I know this week will be hustle and bustle trying to get ready for Thursday. I hope you have a great week 🙂

    1. Just printed off a recipe for chocolate pecan pie! Pecans are pretty much my favorite food group!!:) So glad you stopped by today!

  2. Prayer, Praise and Pie? I’m in! What a great theme! I love a pecan chocolate chip pie. It’s super sweet and decadent but perfect for a holiday. Your junior church activity sounds really fun. And delicious! The holidays are upon us for sure. Our town just had its Christmas festival which is a bit bizarre being before Thanksgiving. It’s had my head spinning a few times. Is it Christmas or Thanksgiving coming up in a few days? My little head gets confused easily!! Have a great Monday, friend!

    1. Your head is swimming from that super busy weekend!! Time to sit back, relax and eat some of that Halloween candy!:)

  3. Hi Jennifer, stopping by to visit after reading your comment on my blog…thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading your older posts. A pumpkin roll sounds great – I love them, but I’m always intimidated to try and make them. I do like pie…I’ll take cherry, rhubarb, or peach any day. I recently saw a recipe that used cinnamon rolls as the top crust, I’ll have to try that. Have a good time…and let us know what pie you take! Mary

      1. Jennifer, I looked for the recipe and it’s nowhere online, but I did have the magazine. She added as many unbaked cinnamon roll dough rounds on top of the pie filling as would cover the filling (it looks like maybe 12), then baked the pie at 350 for 30-45 minutes. She made a glaze of 1 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 cup orange juice, and 1/4 cup melted butter, then brushed that over the pie when it came out of the oven. Let me know if you try – I may have to, it sounds so good! And thanks for your sweet comment about Bailey. I don’t know if you found her “story” but here it is… We hit the rescue dog lottery with her…absolutely sweet, gentle, and loving. Such a misunderstood breed…so sad. Have a great Thanksgiving! Mary

  4. My family’s favorite is a tollhouse pie, I like apple or chocolate chip pecan pie.. oh or a no bake peanut butter pie. I usually drag my feet a bit about Christmas but I’m really feeling into it right now this year. So much so that I’m really ahead of the game as far as gift giving, card making, etc. goes.

  5. Hello! Well, all the suggestions here sound delicious, so I am sure you will find a good one. The peanut butter pie is always a hit around here. Have a great time and a cozy evening tonight.

  6. Anytime anyone else makes a pie, I’m all in!! Fellowshipping with friends is the icing on the “pie”. My husbands favorite pie is chocolate, mine is lemon. This year I am making an, apple-cranberry pie, hopefully it’s delicious. I’m just adding a little more sugar and cranberries to my apple pie recipe. Grateful for you, sweet friend!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I heard that apple pie is the clear favorite among Thanksgiving pies. Who knew? Apple with extra cranberries sounds delicious….I love cranberries!!

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