Good Monday Morning 11.28.22

Happy Monday friends!  Here’s to a full week “back on the wagon” or getting back to routine – including good/better food choices:)  We did not end up hiking over the weekend as was originally part of our plan but we did put up our Christmas tree.  That is a first for us!  Much thanks to our daughter.  She really enjoys all that fluffing and light wrangling!  I suppose with the tree twinkling in the corner, the pilgrims and turkeys will have to return to their bins for another year.  Sigh.  It is on the agenda for today.  Also on the agenda:  buy more ribbon for the tree (I love ribbon on a tree), finish my Bible study work for tomorrow (that extra week off always gets me off my schedule and now I’m behind….and I had two weeks to get it done!), and get out the Christmas dishes.  We had Christmas dishes for years when the kids were younger and, for the last several years, they have been stacked in a basement cupboard.  This year it was either use them or get rid of them.  And, so we will use them.  They are not 100 percent my style anymore but we all like them – and they have a lot of memories attached to them.
Not long ago, I mentioned that I was putting together a small Christmas program for the Junior Church group.  A couple of friends commented that they hoped there would be help.  Well, this “small program” seems to develop and expand weekly.  Maybe daily.  There is a little help but not nearly enough to calm the pressure that seems to be mounting…and making my stomach hurt.  How did I get here?  Yes, there is a bit of exaggeration there but, truthfully, this is much more than I first imagined.  I pray it will all come together.  Last night’s practice was, well. Rough.
So, what is on your agenda for today?  I hope these “few extra days of November” will ease you into the holiday busyness.  Thanks for stopping by….and did you notice that I posted this past Saturday (rather than my usual Friday)?  This week, I will routine to regularly scheduled programming.  Hope you will come back on Wednesday and Friday.  Until then, have a blessed week.

20 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 11.28.22

  1. I’m glad that friends have stepped up to help with you Junior Church program. I’m sure it is and will be a ton of work but it will be worth it! Your hard work will surely be appreciated, you’ll feel healthy pride for leading the program and you will love to see the program. I’ll bet your tree and dishes are beautiful. I hope they bring you joy this season! Have a great Monday, friend!

  2. Hi. I hope in the midst of all you have to do, you will continue to enjoy that Christmas Tree. I know we have a lot on our plates (Not as much as you though) and I want to remember this is all about Jesus. Take care and I hope you have a great day.

  3. Sounds like you need to increase your delegating skills! Don’t stress yourself out by taking on too much – one step at a time.
    I think you are going to be pleased you’ve decided to use the dishes this year, I’m sure they will bring back a lot of happy memories when you see them all on display. Have a good week!

    1. My delegating skills definitely need improvement! And, yes, those dishes look rather sweet in our cabinet!! Happy with that decision:)

    1. Trying my best for a cozy evening… is just that the evening starts so early. It was getting dark at 4:30!!? Glad you stopped by!

  4. Hi Jennifer. I am sure that God will help your junior church program to come together. May you find much joy in the Christmas season.

  5. Sounds like a big job but with God’s help it will all turn out!! 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. Nice to meet you!!

  6. I put my Christmas tree up a week ago, a first for me. I also try to use my Christmas dishes during December. They don’t have a lot of memories attached, because I bought them just a few years ago, after all my kids were married. But they are pretty and add a little bit of beauty on my table. Doing a Christmas program by yourself sounds like a huge undertaking! I know it will be wonderful, and you will do a great job. You will be in my prayers, and I know it will be a memorable program for all. Hugs

    1. I love the pretty that Christmas dishes add to the table – even when it is just the two of us!!:) Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding the children’s program! I will let you know how it goes –

  7. I enjoyed your post…and the fact that your pilgrims probably enjoyed seeing the tree twinkling in the corner. Our pilgrims are tucked safely away until next year, and the tree is still waiting it’s cue to appear. Probably won’t happen until this weekend when our son comes home to help us get to it and all the trimmings in the shed. I need the break in between anyway as I’ve been sick for a week. Oh, I will be praying for your Christmas program and for helpers to arrive. I’ve been there and done that before. I was much younger then and wouldn’t attempt it now, but I love to see the kids put on a good Christmas play/musical. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect…it’s the fact that the effort was made and the kids get to participate in something really special. I will keep you in my prayers. Just take care of yourself and get some rest. It will be perfect, as exactly perfect as God intends it to be. So leave it in His capable hands. (((hugs)))

    1. It doesn’t matter if it is perfect…..I need that reminder. And will need to remind myself of that a few more times, I am sure. I really hope you are feeling better and 100 percent soon! Thanks for your sweet comments!

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