Good Monday Morning 4.3.23

Happy Monday friends!  Truth be told, I do not have much to say this morning.  I’m off (to the doctor…of course) but do love my Monday mornings, so just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a good week.  Easter week.  Or Holy Week, I believe some call it.  The week leading up to Resurrection Sunday and, hopefully, our thoughts turn that way, often, in this week ahead.  My, how much can happen in a week!!  I’m curious how you will celebrate or enjoy this upcoming Sunday?  Will you have family in?  Do you cook a certain meal?  Is their “must have” dish or recipe you use every Easter?  Do you do anything fun for the little ones in your life? I would love hear about it!

Our church has a sunrise service.  We have gone the last couple of Easters but have decided to skip that this year.  At the risk of sounding old, grumpy or just plain un-Christian, we simply do not enjoy sunrise service.  Gasp.  And we will celebrate this special day – in all its glory – at the regular morning service:)  Later that afternoon, we have reservations for dinner.  We celebrate most holidays at restaurants….and enjoy doing so.  We also have an Easter birthday (my son was born Easter weekend several decades ago!) and we will celebrate him as well on Sunday afternoon.  We don’t have any little people but I am putting together a few small (very small) Easter baskets for some of my favorite peeps (see what I did there!).  Grown-up baskets are fun too!!

Here’s to a beautiful week ahead!  I am so thankful for all this week means to us as Christians.  Thankful for a savior who was willing to die….providing a way of salvation.  Thankful that He rose again and that, today, I have a risen savior!  So thankful for my salvation that I accepted as a free gift many decades ago as a young teenager.  I cannot imagine life without Christ by my side.  Thank you, Jesus, for Easter – and your resurrection!!

4 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 4.3.23

  1. We will also go to church on Sunday and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We’ll probably just pick something up after church and spend the afternoon at home and then go back for evening service. We have no little ones in our area as our grandson is in Texas.
    I am so sorry that Jesus had to go through that horrible death, but I’m so glad that He did. It’s so hard to believe that He did that for me. It’s just totally amazing!
    Hope all goes well for you at the doctor this morning.

  2. We don’t do anything special. Just go to church like any other Sunday. I feel every Sunday is like an Easter Sunday. 🙂

  3. I have never been to a sunrise service. We also had a birthday celebration on Easter weekend, my son turned 18 on Good Friday! He’s my “baby” so it was fun/hard. We went to Church Easter morning, my daughter was home from college but made the trek back to her Church. It was the first Easter the four of us were not together. I hope you enjoyed your Easter.

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