Good-bye to March and Remembering Its Highlight

Hello Friday and just about time to welcome another new month.  Hard to believe.  I can clearly (yes, sometimes too clearly) remember February.  The month I thought might never end.  I remember thinking if I could just, somehow, get to March.  Not that there was anything magical about March but turning the calendar page was simply a mental image that I could focus on.  And not only did I “make it” until March, I have zoomed right through.  Relatively so.  In so many ways, I am grateful time continues to move forward.  There really are no days that I just want to last forever.  I am (sincerely) learning to look forward to – even to anticipate – each new day and all the possibilities included in each new sunrise.  Yes, I sound a bit like an old lady but it is old lady wisdom…..learned through the hard way throughout the years.

I’ve spent far too many days wishing time away.  I’ve missed too much beauty of many an “ordinary” day while pining for the next “big day.”  And, in a similar way, I wasted a lot of time (and missed the joy of the present day) while longing for a day, a season or an event that has passed.   Of course, I love a good memory but I’m not living for it.  I’m trying to live each day the Lord allows me.  Some of them are harder than others but even the tough ones are a faithful gift from God.

Well, that may have gotten a bit deeper than I had intended and I think I will leave my thoughts there.  I have been trying to capture each month with a single photo….and that was the actual intention of today’s post.  Looking back and remembering March…in one photo.  And, this month, is a bit unusual.  Unusual because I am actually including a photo of myself –  something I rarely do. Shocking, I know.  But it is important to me.

In many ways, March was a month of beginnings.  I began 12 weeks of treatment.  I rooted out some old memories, let go of the past and other preconceived ideas, faced some new fears and moved forward in faith.  With Christ, I can do hard things.  I am blessed and grateful.  The road ahead might get murky, or even harder, but I want to remember how God has strengthened me and enabled me this month past.  He has given healing and continues to heal.  He has abundantly met my needs – mental, spiritual and physical.  I want this photo to remind me of that if my faith falters in the weeks ahead.

As I said last month, there are challenges ahead.  I’m not naïve.  But I know God is faithful and I’m looking for both the beauty and the joy in the days ahead. I would love to know what you are looking forward to in this fresh new month!  It might simply be a fresh pedicure:)  I’m hoping for one of those as well!!  Here’s to enjoying all of April’s unanticipated joys!!

4 thoughts on “Good-bye to March and Remembering Its Highlight

  1. Here’s to a beauty filled April (by beauty I mean the beauty of nature and beauty of a Christ filled spirit)! I have some “anticipated” joys in April and I am praying that the events happen. It”s nice to see you and your hubby’s face! I post some pictures of myself but usually it’s me posing with a person or at a monument/ thing of interest. Many bloggers post selfies of them in their outfits. That is something that I haven’t the temerity for or interest, really, in doing, but I think it’s good that so many people do. The great thing about blogs is that we can post as many or as few pictures of ourselves as need/ want be ;). Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! PS- I appreciate your deep thoughts and wisdom!

  2. I’m really enjoyed your post and the wisdom of your words. We all can use the reminder to be present in the day and to look for the joy and beauty that are available to us today. I love the picture of you…your glasses are so cute. I’m overdue for an eye exam and I know I’m going to need new glasses, so I’m tending to notice that in other people’s pictures. Take care and have a great weekend. I plan to also.

  3. Never apologize for going deeper 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads deep anymore. But for those of us who have lots of thoughts, we need to be able to voice more than what we fixed for dinner sometimes 🙂 (no offense to dinner makers!).

    April is shaping up to be a busy month for us, with a major birthday, small/quick trips and the last month my husband will be at home (he got a job). It will probably go by pretty fast and though I need to savor it all, I am looking forward to May and possibly getting back to a routine.

    Great picture, by the way 🙂

  4. Thank you for including a picture of yourself. I almost did that for March but another photo trumped. Continuing to pray for you, Jennifer. Sending virtual hugs your way. I reached out to a lady in the Bible Study I was attending and asked her if she wanted to be friends (like you would in middle school, LOL), and she is coming over for coffee on Wednesday. It is SO hard making friends in a new place and it took me a while to get up the courage to ask her, but hopefully we will become friends.

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