Good Monday Morning 6.27.22

Happy Monday!  I say let’s bring on this last week of June and move on to July.  Of course, no guarantees there…but it will be refreshing to flip the calendar page.  I went ahead a put out my few July decor pieces.  Just need to freshen up the front porch and I will (mentally) be in a new month:)  Our weekend was rather quiet – all things considered – and I have seen God answering prayers in many ways.  I am especially grateful for His tender care.  It has been so clearly seen and felt. On the agenda (a word used very loosely around here) this week:  add some American cheer to the front porch; replace/refresh the tired and heat-worn potted flowers out there as well; a couple of lunch dates – including a couple that had to be rescheduled last week; and make some real headway on a donation project that we are working on.
And on the meal plan this week, I have two (maybe three) new keto dinner recipes to try.  I have not yet shared any of the recipes I have been having since starting keto.  Most have been routine and rather uninspiring.  However, I came across a keto cookbook at the library and actually found several that look interesting.  If they are tasty, I will share a few.  Just about any of them can be tweaked and adapted for non-keto meals….if you prefer.
As far as my memory verse challenge goes, I am supposed to be starting a new one this week but I am not solid on last week’s verse….so I will continue with it.  That and I already know the one for this week.  For this week:
Romans 8:15 “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba Father.”
Have a wonderful week friends.  And thank you to everyone who left such kind and encouraging comments last week – especially on Friday’s post.  They are all much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 6.27.22

  1. I’m so glad that prayers are being answered and that a fresh month is right on the horizon! Baby steps are a wonderful thing, when they’re made in the right direction. I love adding touches of Americana to our home as well and did that last weekend. I’ll leave it up through August, then I’ll put all my fall stuff out on September the first! I know it’s early, but I love the fall so much! I hope you have a good day, friend!

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