Share Four Somethings: June 2022

Happy Friday and time for June’s installment of Share Four Somethings.   This week has been a tough one…and, interestingly, I started off May’s Share Four Somethings with the exact statement.  Hmm.  Life really does go in cycles and, I suppose, that gives me hope that “lighter” days will return as well.  As always, I’m grateful for this monthly look back at God’s faithfulness and goodness.  I like (and need) the intentional focus.  So let’s jump right into my thoughts for this month.  And, don’t forget the entire link-up can be found here (starting tomorrow).
Something Loved
Our time in Lancaster (PA) did not disappoint.  Somehow, the rolling hills, green pastures full of cattle, and sharing the road with Amish buggies just refreshes us like nothing else.  I will admit we endured one of the worst dinners we have had in a long time (just gross) but even that could not spoil our time.  Our VRBO spot was just lovely.  It was located on a flower farm.  A farm to grow flowers – who knew:) Our breakfast at The Coffee Co was delicious.   If you are in New Holland, I highly recommend.  We spent our time leisurely dreaming about our future and rehearsing our blessings now, as well.  It was exactly what we needed.
Something Gleaned
I have been meditating on, pondering, and even doing some studying on the idea of “renewing your mind” – as mentioned in Romas 12:2.  This renewing of the mind is essential in order to keep us from conforming to the world.  I learned so much from an article I read by John Piper.  Here are a few quotes:
“We are perfectly useless as Christ-exalting Christians if all we do is conform to the world around us.
“…. non-conformity to the world does not primarily mean the external avoidance of worldly behaviors.  That’s included.  But you can avoid all kinds of worldly behaviors and not be transformed.    Transformation is not switching from the to-do list of the flesh to the to-do list of the law….but is a transformation of the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ……”
My goodness – but there is so much to “chew on” in just those few sentences.  And the article I printed off was four pages.  Four pages of wisdom and good stuff.
Something Saved
Yes, I saved this t-shirt that I recently saw on Pinterest.  Added it to my “I really need this” list (if there were such a list)!  To some, it probably sounds rude but, to me, it is just the reality.  I am not a hugger.  I have a lot of friends who are huggers.  I go to a church FULL of hug-loving people.  And, it can be a challenge for us non-huggers desperately trying to preserve our sense of protected space!!  Maybe a t-shirt would help.  I dunno.  Tell me – are you a natural hugger??
Something Achieved
My family – our little group of four – are not huge talkers.  Or, more accurately, sharers of our feelings.  We tend to isolate and bury our feelings.  I come by it naturally and suppose I have (unintentionally) passed it on to my children.  But we are aware…and we are working on it.  This last week – which has been the hard part of the month – we have really made progress.  Talking through the hard.  Leaning on each other.  Do we have it all figured out?  Um, no but I really saw progress this month.  I’m so grateful for these people I share life with –
I would love to hear about something you have achieved this month.  Or even something (random and/or silly) you saved.  Let me know…and have a great weekend ahead, friends!

24 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: June 2022

  1. That shirt made me laugh out loud! I am the opposite and am a very natural hugger. I forget that not everyone is like me, though and have encountered some very rigid and frozen feeling ones! 🤣 I need a shirt that says I like dogs more than people. We live in a terrible area. Terrible! And people are so rude while driving, while shopping…it’s on those days that I’d like to wear that shirt, while I’m out and about with them. Or I’ve seen a welcome mat that says, “Dogs welcome, People tolerated.”

    Something I achieved and shared on my blog was cleaning out some “problem areas” in our home, ones that stay cluttered. It’s a constant process, but I feel better about it now than I did when I started.

    I loved this post! I hope your weekend is lovely, friend.

    1. I think my daughter actually has that T-shirt (the dog one)!! Well – we can still be great friends. Hugs and all!!:)

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, Jennifer! I appreciate your candor. I can relate to a lot of what you wrote. I am not a hugger by nature but it doesn’t bother me *too* much to be hugged. It’s something that I would never initiate. I can also relate to not being big sharers of feelings. It can create problems and I am glad that you are seeing progress since being mindful of it. Your time in the Lancaster area sounds really nice. There’s something so unpretentious about country living and the Amish element increases that by tenfold. I hope you have a great weekend, friend!

    1. Hugs can be difficult, for sure. I’m certain most of mine are frosty feeling (as Jennifer put it…lol!) but you for sure and certain will not find me initiating hugs!! Unpretentious is a perfect word for the Lancaster countryside!! Have a great weekend, Maria!

  3. I’ve found I’ve been saying “it’s been a tough week” for SO many weeks the past few YEARS. ha. Not funny, but sometimes we have to laugh about the craziness of life, so I get what you’re saying. Maybe next week will be normal and great. 🙂 Glad you had a lovely time in Lancaster, PA. It sounds so restful! That t-shirt made me laugh. Cute. 🙂 Good for your family in learning to share their feelings more. My family was a big sharer of feelings, but my husband’s family was not. It’s a journey.

    1. Yes, those tough weeks can feel like they drag into tough years. Or three! Thanks for your comment…and glad you stopped by, Lisa!! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. That t-shirt is amazing! I’m a weirdo about hugs. I love hugging my family. I like hugging good friends. I do not hug strangers or acquaintances. And I rarely instigate a hug outside of my family.

    Lancaster sounds like a neat place to visit. I’d love to stay on a flower farm!

    1. Right? A flower farm…it was really beautiful. If I ever was a “farmer”….I’m thinking of being a flower farmer!!:)

  5. Jennifer, what a great post!! How refreshing to visit Lancaster, that’s where I live!! There’s a flower farm near me that I love to visit, as if (my husband says) I need anymore flowers!
    I love the t-shirt-I am NOT a hugger, I tolerate them from family, but I don’t like to be touched especially by strangers. My husband has a t-shirt that says, “I used to be a people person, but people ruined that for me.” So you can tell what kind of couple we are!
    I love the book of Romans, I just finished memorizing chapter 8, and there is so much there to ponder!
    Yea, feelings aren’t big in my house either. I have learned through my work the benefit of working through them, but my husband runs and hides from any deep or painful feelings.

    1. Oh, what a blessing – to live in the Lancaster area!! So many things we have in common…I really find that so fun with blogging!! Congrats on memorizing the whole chapter of Romans 8. I’m plugging along trying to get 8 of those verses done (from the chapter)! Thanks for stopping by…have a blessed weekend!

  6. Spending time in Amish country is so peaceful, isn’t it?

    I love that t-shirt, I am a hugger but there are many in my life that are not! It reminds me of the porch signs that say “HELLO” on one side and “GO AWAY” on the other side.

    Check out my Share-4-Somethings post to see the crazy things I saved this month. Share Four Somethings (June 2022)

  7. The Lancaster area is beautiful – glad you enjoyed your visit! I love the t-shirt and can relate. I like my space so I’m not a natural hugger. My family and a few close friends are on my approved-hugger list.
    Visiting from SFS!

  8. Hey Jennifer!!! So glad to hear you had a great time in Lancaster!!! Also, as you already probably know, I am not a hugger either but don’t mind if someone hugs me. 🤗 Love the T-shirt idea too.

    1. Hello friend! I’m so glad you stopped by!! Yes, we “non-huggers” have to stick together:) You get me!!

  9. I’m so sad to hear that you had a hard week, Jennifer, but I’m glad you and your family were able to process and move forward together. May the Lord continue to give you grace in the situation(s) you are currently facing. And I rejoice with you for your refreshing time in Lancaster. It sounds lovely!

  10. The T-shirt made me smile! I’m not really a hugger, but I was surprised to discover that I actually missed hugging during COVID! People here are still definitely more hesitant about hugging than they used to be so it tends to be more limited to close friends and family at the moment. That’s great that you and your family are learning to talk about your feelings more, and I hope life gets a bit easier for you these next few weeks!

  11. Oh, to stay on a flower farm!! What a delight that must have been. Our local lavender farm is going to start doing tours. I cannot wait!! Glad your trip was enjoyable.

    I am a hugger and a talker. It might take me a bit to finally ‘fess up my feelings. “No, there’s nothing wrong.” But then I finally share. Probably share too much. Paul was raised in a family where no one talked about or shared their feelings. Probably because his father was the only voice, the only one with feelings that ‘mattered.’ Poor Paul has just learned to stay quiet and soldier on. But that doesn’t fix anything. And just causes a lot of festered resentment.

    Glad you and your ‘peeps’ opened up with one another a little more. When you love each other, that can be the foundation for every hard discussion. It starts from a place of love.

  12. We have not been to PA but it is on my “someday” list! We are also in a tougher time where lots of things are going on. I love the shirt. I am not a natural hugger either so I get it. It made me laugh out loud. I used to be a stuffer with my emotions and my daughter still is, glad you all are making progress on this. Communication is so important. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, we are making progress. But some habits are hard to undo…. Hope your weekend is blessed as well!

    1. I know quite a few folks headed to Sight and Sound in August. It’s great to see (or hear about) it being so busy! Enjoy the show!!

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