Good Monday Morning 9.6.21

Happy Monday – and Labor Day, as well, here in the States!  For those who did not have to set the usual alarm this morning or who otherwise have the day off…..woo hoo!!  Enjoy:)

We are going to enjoy the day at a picnic with our church family.  I made a pasta salad and a jello salad this morning.  They do look delicious.  Picnic food is just so tasty!  Before I head out, I wanted to thank everyone who left me comments – not only regarding PSLs (I’m not the only one!!) but also with feedback, suggestions and great advice with regards to my feeble attempt with Facebook.  Sincerely, it has been super helpful!  More about that later…..

Enjoy this Monday and stop back by tomorrow for my Tuesday post!

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 9.6.21

    1. I love macaroni salad, too…but for some reason, the recipe I took to the picnic was not too popular. I brought a lot home. Not sure that is a good sign:( Have a wonderful weekend!

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