The Haircut….with pictures even!

Well, you now have proof positive that I really love my bloggy friends…no one else could have convinced me to post pictures of my own face. Still not sure what has come over me…..

But – TA DA!
My new haircut – fresh from the salon. Yes! That is me…sitting at a traffic light..taking pictures of myself on my cell phone. Can you say dork?? Don’t know if you can see just how fun and flippy it is…..

So, here let me take another one. (Really now. I think there might be a traffic law about this type of thing. But it was simply for all my bloggy friends!)

No – this one I did NOT take myself:) But I really like the back and it will, undoubtedly, never look like this again once I do it myself….but she got all this curl and flip simply by blow drying – and her hands. No brush. And no kidding. She assured me, “It is SOOO easy” but I have so heard that one before.
Well – that was really a new type of post for me. But, what do you think? (like what are you really going to say??) I’m really likin’ it:) Now, don’t forget about Friday with Friends tomorrow….a recap of the summer! I’m lookin’ forward to hearing about your best moments.

13 thoughts on “The Haircut….with pictures even!

  1. Great haircut….. really cute on you!And I bet you will figure out how to do it.I haven't posted many pictures of myself either and none up close. Maybe when I get all "dolled" up for the wedding! 🙂

  2. It is REALLY CUTE!!!!! I love the back and how it flips up. I think I now have a very similiar cut to yours, but mine won't flip. It flips under, but not out.

    You look adorable!!!!!!

    I will work on my Friday's post tonight so it will be ready to go in the morning.

  3. I LOVE it….Seriously, it is REALLY cute. Just the kind of cut I like (how surprising, haha) Do you have some natural curl in your hair? Mine would lay there like a straight stick I am afraid, haha…I know how you feel taking a pic of yourself. I felt like such a nerd, lol. I bet you can duplicate this if all she had to do was blow and flip it with her fingers…now if she created it with a brush, that might be another story…ENJOY the new "do"…It's darling…Love ya, Deb

  4. It looks great!!! Oh the things we do for our bloggy friends! But we appreciate it. My hairdresser is like that, tells me not to work so hard at my hair, "just use my hands". I haven't figured that one out yet because it never looks like she gets it to look! Working on my Friday friends post!

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