Happy Birthday, Em

Happy Birthday sweetest daughter of mine!  Thirty years ago today I became a mother.  Be still my heart.  Yes, I gave birth twice afterward and, of course, I love all my children.  Equally.  And am blessed to be called mom by all of them.  My thoughts are not expressly about my beautiful daughter but more about becoming a mom!  There really are no words….if you are a mother, you know exactly what I mean.

My intention this morning was to simply write a “love note” to my firstborn – and rejoin Five Minute Friday next week.  However, today’s prompt, Potential, goes so well with my thoughts, I decided to try and convey them here.  They come from a recent sermon I listened to online and that has been impacting my thoughts ever since.  (I will try to find the pastor’s name and give him credit in my next post.  Fingers crossed.)

GO – If you have experienced becoming a mother, you know the feelings I am trying to express.  The months of dreaming, planning and, even the worrying.  Followed by the hours of labor.  But, then, the exhaustion, the pain, and the wondering erased at the very first glance.  Simply the awe of becoming a mom.

It is one of the most accurate descriptions of joy.  So much so, the Bible even uses the experience as a reference for joy.  And the joy comes from the potential a new birth brings.  All the potential I imagined for my daughter as I inhaled her newness.  The potential for all the ways my life – and my husband’s life –  would be changed and impacted because of our daughter.  Everything that new life meant – and the potential it represented – gave us that feeling of sincere joy.  And filled us with hope.

Christians often struggle to understand Biblical joy.  Joy that should mark the life of a believer.  Joy that is possible even in the darkest days or hours.  Joy that is much more than simply happiness but is available to each of us because of the Holy Spirit within us.  This joy is so hard to define – or to understand.  Much like the difficulty of describing your emotions when you become a mother.  But it is a serene sense of hope that comes from knowing the potential of all that God can do and wants to do – in any situation – that is joy for a believer.

STOP – sweet Emily, Happy Birthday!!  I am blessed to be your mom.  I love you more than all the Oreos!!

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  1. This is a beautiful post! I especially love your description of joy- "a serene sense of hope that comes from knowing the potential of all that God can do and wants to do – in any situation" That expresses it so well! Happy Birthday to Emily!

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