Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just thought I would share a quick, easy and inexpensive decorating tip for Valentine’s Day! A parent gave a gift like this to a friend of mine back when she was teaching…and we have been using the idea ever since!

You’ll need any wide-mouth vase – or other cute container – and a separate container that will fit inside the first. I usually use a tall juice glass. Simply (loosely) stuff the glass with some paper towels and set it in the center of the vase. Carefully fill the vase with your favorite holiday candy. I, of course, use M&Ms but have seen conversation hearts – or even candy corn! When you get toward the top of the glass, you might need to hand place the candy so that it comes just to the top of the glass but doesn’t overfill into the vase. After all the candy is in place, gently remove the paper (it was just to keep candy from going into the glass), carefully fill the glass with water and add your favorite flowers! My flowers were a treat from my daughter – I think they are too pretty!

You can use this idea for any holiday really – it always looks cute – and, of course, it makes a sweet gift.

And, for those of you who played along…here are the answers from Tuesday’s quiz:
1 – D
2 – Bethlehem
3 – Blessed
4 – B
5 – pearls
6 – 12
7 – B
8 – laborers
9 – rock
10 – D

How did you do? Just for fun. Have even more fun this weekend! Eat LOTS of chocolate (especially DARK chocolate!!)

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I think I’m going to make one of those for my girls…they’d LOVE it! Thank you so much for helping those of us who aren’t the most crafty persons alive…namely ME!

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!♥

  2. Jennifer,
    I love your blog’s new look! Thanks for the cute decorating ideas. I’ve got a bunch of boys from our church here for an in-town retreat. I’m going to do some Valentiney things, so I needed your idea!


  3. Jennifer, it seems like I read something from you recently but I’m not sure if it was a blog post or an email. (I’ve been TERRIBLY behind since the Christmas holidays and have only JUST NOW gotten down to 30 something in my “in” box) If I somehow misplaced it, I’m terribly sorry.

    I hate that we belong to this “special club” (losing our sons) but it’s somewhat comforting to find people that have walked the same road and can identify with you. It’s also a BLESSING to know we both KNOW that we WILL see our boys again! (I’ve met some that don’t know what they believe and they struggle TERRIBLY not knowing where their children are, or if they still exist at all. (Seems even “unbelievers” want to believe SOMETHING when they lose a child) It’s sad to think of having no hope at all. I cannot imagine.

    Okay, I talk WAY TOO MUCH when I get started.. LOL! It was WONDERFUL to get to meet you! Thanks again for your encouraging words.


  4. That is TOO cute! I’m going to print it out and put it in my craft file so I can do it for my boy’s teacher next year. PERFECT teacher’s gift! And woo hooo.. I made an A+ on your quiz! ( Happy Valentines Day!

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