Ho Hi Silver….er, Bailey

Ok – so for my favorite Riley antic thus far (and she does keep me smiling), I have to introduce you to my daughter (Em)’s dog, Bailey!! She is such a sweet dog, totally loves Riley- loves EVERYONE – is so happy to have someone around who has as much energy as she does….and is the size of a small horse!! She and Riley became instant friends and companions!

So, this is Riley the other night with Bailey…..

That’s right…she is getting ON Bailey:)

even held onto her ears for the ride….

and gently bounced as if riding a pony!!
It was both adorable – and hysterical – at the same time! And, for all my animal loving friends, we did not let her stay there – but we made Riley get off before Bailey even moved an inch! Still makes me laugh!
The week is flying by – hope all of you are looking forward to a great weekend. Maybe some more pictures…surely, more stories…come Monday!!

8 thoughts on “Ho Hi Silver….er, Bailey

  1. haha I LOVE it..and you stirred more memories for me. When Mel was that age we had a Golden Retrevor named Goldie (I know, real original) who she used to do this very thing to do. How she loved that dog. And Goldie was WONDERFUL with her. Not only did she let her do what she wanted to do, she protected her and shewed her back on the grass etc. Wonderful memories. Have a great week-end with little Miss Roo. Hugs, Debbie

  2. my baby bailey! shes such a good girl 🙂 annnnd the size of a small tractor trailer. but the littlest baby! 🙂

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