Play Time

Mommy and her sweet girl……that’s right! We are all having a great time with both of them here. Riley is keeping us all entertained – and she has found quite a few ways to entertain herself, as well………….

Tug of war with Rascal is a real favorite…

Sometimes, Rascal even lets her win!

Helping Mimi get ready in the morning is also a lot of fun. Who needs toys when there are makeup brushes….kitchen utensils…and even dog toys (gross)!

A trip to Chick-Fil-A is always a hit!! Roo and I got to spend the afternoon together yesterday which totally made my week!
She is saying, “Turtle!” Totally knows the word fish but not yesterday!

Making new friends:)

Oh – and we celebrated Mommy’s birthday. Erica and Emily spent the afternoon shopping – without baby (which was a present to me!) and for our little party last night, we had ice cream cupcakes….I’ve never had these but, my goodness, were they good! Of course, after a week and a half on my diet, just about anything remotely sugar laden would be divine! Back on track today:)

Mommy and Miss Riley!

For my personal favorite “Riley antic”….check back tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. Morning Jenn,
    Oh she is such a cutie and I bet you are in heaven. Your daughter is also beautiful so see where she gets it, and from her grammy too!
    Such cute pics. Glad you are having such a great time. Enjoy every minute!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I'm so happy your getting this time. Don't ya just LOVE that one on one Grandma experience? Can't beat it. your Miss Roo reminds me soo much of my Melly when she was little. Same tow head and big blue eyes. If I had a scanner I'd send you an old pic of her so you could see how much. ENJOY…Oh, and ice cream cupcakes? Never heard of them, but they sound like a wonderous idea. = )

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