Hope that Changes Everything

The last day of my latest attempt at a writing challenge.  I wasn’t exactly successful completing it; however, I really enjoy the use of prompts.  I enjoy stretching my thoughts and the challenge of expressing myself in a limited amount of time (and words).  Today’s prompt is hope.  Hope.  Such a beautiful word.  And such a powerful word.  What would life be without hope?  Of course, I am referring to hope that is founded in my faith in God.  So much more than a strong desire or a wish.  Even more than any expectancy we can find in others or even in ourselves.

Hope based on my faith has a solid foundation and gives me assurance as well as a genuine sense of security.  Hope that comes from the promises of God and I find throughout scripture gives me confidence.  Takes away worry, anxiety and a dread of things uncertain.  And this hope has sustained me in more ways than I could possibly give testimony for here today.  However, in three days I will once again remember my son’s birthday.  One more birthday that we will remember but not celebrate.  We have had almost fifteen of those birthdays since our son went home to Heaven.  Each one is perhaps a little less painful but always a stark reminder of all that we are missing here below without our son.

Missing Tyler is a part of who I am and I believe – with all my heart – that grief would have overwhelmed me, perhaps destroyed me, if it were not for hope.  Hope found in Christ.  Hope that has proven dependable and has sustained.  Hope that allows me to know, for sure, that we will see Tyler again one day.  There will be missed milestones here on earth but an eternity in Heaven to celebrate together.  God’s promises to strengthen me, to encourage me and to wipe away my tears have not failed.  Nor will the promise of His soon return and that great reunion in the sky one day!!

The hope of eternity and the reality of Heaven are available to any and all who put their trust in Christ.  John 6:47 tells us, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me that everlasting life.”  No doubt about it.  No wishing or hoping it to be so.  Biblical hope carries no doubt.  Accepting His gift of salvation gives us just that kind of hope.  You can read more of my son’s story at the tab above entitled, “Could It Be Any Worse?”  I invite you to do so.  As one reader there noted, Hope Changes Everything!!  I will remember that as another birthday rolls around!

3 thoughts on “Hope that Changes Everything

  1. Before I found a relationship with God, I could get so hopeless about things in my life. I can still get pretty down in the dumps but I find such comfort knowing I am never alone. And with that knowledge things don’t look as bleak as they used to.

    I cannot imagine trying to cope with the loss of a child. I’m so so sorry that you have had to experience that. I am glad you have the knowledge that you will be together again and the hope that you can celebrate in heaven all of the milestones you missed celebrating together on earth. XO

  2. I am behind on visiting, and although I was just going to comment on your most recent post, I couldn’t just ignore this one. My heart goes out to you. I absolutely cannot imagine the pain and grief associated with the loss of a child. That is every parent’s worst nightmare. I trust that the Lord was close to you as you observed (without him) your son’s birthday. I trust his comfort carried you through the kind of heart pain no mom ever wants to experience. I know you—maybe more than anyone—thank God for the promise of Heaven and eternal life with our loved ones.


    1. Thank you, Patti. I really appreciate your thoughts and sweet comment!! I do, indeed, thank God daily for the promise of Heaven and that grand reunion that is coming one day soon!!

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